LEDs & OLEDs in the Aircraft Lighting Systems Market; the largest consumer product type boosting heavy sales

Improving aerospace industry; rising importance of feel-good-factors experienced by customers; demand for affordable products and growing aim to produce heightened quality products will together foster the revenue generation of the aircraft lighting systems market in the coming decade.

It is not any less known about how quick and healthy growth, the aerospace industry is viewing in the past decade. With the kind of demand and positive response it has been receiving from the global population, the aerospace market will continue to grow in terms of prominence. With this arises demand for quality aircraft lighting systems. For a successful dynamic operational environment of the aerospace industry, there needs to be quality access to highly reliable and flexible aircrafts. This will ensure overcoming of operational challenges and safety to the crew as well as passengers. Effectively using various combinations of lights in aircrafts aids in addressing this challenge and thus holds high importance.

Potentiality of the Aircraft Lighting Systems Market:

Not only are the above discussed needs driving the aircraft lighting systems market, but also an important factor of high competition among competitors is aiding market sales at brisk CAGR rate. With too many vendors are limited ideas, the differentiating factor has decreased lately. This becomes a point of focus point for the operators so that they can offer something different from the remaining slot of services. Manufacturers are taking into consideration the importance of enhancing the experience of passengers during the travel. Feel good factor players more than just an important role and this is being taken as an advantage by the aircraft lighting systems market players.

On the other hand, exterior lighting systems protect aircraft from possible mishaps such as plane crashes. For instance, anti-collision lights aids to spot every aircraft from and angle and also on the basis of light color the direction of the aircraft can be determined. Hence, the major functionality of exterior lighting systems is to facilitate clear visibility for pilots and also to detect presence of aircraft and other obstacles in the sky. Exterior lighting systems can be classifies on the basis of application into aircraft visibility, pilot visibility and specific purpose lighting.

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Applications and Technology Growth Outlook:

While all types of lightings have their own share of applications, emergency lighting systems view themselves mostly used in signage of aircrafts. On the other hand, specific purpose lighting are primarily utilized in cargo bays, equipment bays, fueling panels, wheel walls etc to foster the service personnel to carry out their functions.

Technological upgrades have endlessly been paving way for improved variety of options in terms of available technologies for aircraft operators. They get to choose from numerous choices whether LED, OLED, Incandescence, Electro/Photo luminescent, fluorescent or strobe lights. Among all these most used technology types, LEDs and OLEDs are the latest trend with wide usage owing to their light weight, high efficiency and worth-pricing.

Report Scope:

Segmentation and brief on key industry players of the aircraft lighting systems market are analyzed in depth- Apart from the study factors like scope, potential, driving factors, restraints, quantitative analysis on future estimations and other projections. This report on the Global Aircraft Lighting Systems Market identifies many such insights and M&A opportunities.

  1. Segmentation:
    a. Based on Aircraft Type: Commercial, Military and Cargo.
    b. Based on Interior Lighting: Cockpit, Cabin and Emergency Lighting.
    c. Based on Exterior Lighting: Aircraft Visibility, Pilot Visibility, Specific Purpose, Exit Marking, Floor Escape Path and others
    d. Based on Lighting Type: LED, OLED, Strobe, Fluorescence and Others
    e. Based on Service Lighting: Cargo Bays, Wheel Wells, Fueling Panels and Others
    f. Based on Geography: North America, South America, Europe, APAC and ROW
  2. Strong Players like United Technologies Corporation, Honeywell International Inc, B/E Aerospace Inc, Goodrich Corporation and Diehl Aerospace GmbH are noted to be continuously driving the overall sales in the Aircraft Lighting Systems Market with increased investments and funding into better products. Current vendors are aiming at production of inexpensive lighting systems with improved lifetime of the service. Heightened affordability will be the future key, says IndustryARC.

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