Flint, Michigan\’s Very Own Todd Porter \”Paypa Chaysa\”

“No matter what happens in life Porter wants to leave a lasting impression of being a fantastic writer and performer, a stand up hard working man, a great father and partner as well as a role model.”
Outside of music Todd is an avid gamer and loves to play basketball and baseball, however Todd has also been actively involved in helping aide his community in the current Michigan water crisis by donating water and help in any way he can. Within the music industry Todd is striving towards his goals of creating a better life for his family and being in a better position to help those around him.

“l want a place in music history where my name will always be remembered.” – Todd Porter

“Although Todd Porter is best known as a rapper, his taste in music is quite eclectic with greats such as Curtis Mayfield, Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye.” – Angela Culliver, President – Indie Music Factory.

Porter finds music to be his biggest motivation and looks at music as being powerful enough to alter feelings, emotions and mood. Porter see’s the current music industry as a bunch of trends and followers unable to offer originality anymore and strives to break the mold by being himself. Porter is committed to bringing respect back to the craft of rap and hip-hop by working hard to return rap to its pedestal it once was.

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About Todd Porter

Rapper/ Writer/ Producer Todd Porter fell in love with music during his early childhood. As a teenager he developed a strong ability to use his words creatively to deliver messages and stories to beats. With a strong passion for music, Todd Porter has made many sacrifices to pursue his dreams as an artist.

Born and raised in Flint Michigan, Khalfani Hunter, better known as Todd Porter has dedicated his life to the place he calls home; “I’ve stayed in Memphis, Ohio and Atlanta, but came back to Flint because of family, but now everyone is moving away so It’s time for me to go,” says Porter. Porter’s strong passion for his craft is what keeps him dedicated, “I’ve been writing and producing music for so long, I don‘t feel right doing anything else.” With musical idols such as Scarface and Ice Cube, Todd Porter has learned to allow the music to lead him to bigger opportunities. With street influenced lyrical content, Porter declares that his music is not fabricated nor made up, but a true depiction of his life and life experiences.

Rapper Todd Porter has an extensive repertoire in the industry with opportunities of opening up for rap stars such as Yo Gotti, The Game, 36 from Cash Money, Juvinille, Lil Boosie, Starlito, Twister, E40, Lil Flip, Lil Easy E, Slick Pulla from CTE and hopes to be able to do his own tour in the near future. Todd Porter takes pride in his unique sound, but recognizes he is influenced by multiple hip-hop genres offering something for everybody from the ballers and dope boys to women and everyday people. “People should care about my music because it’s simply good music, I am forever evolving and just keep getting better.”

Porter recently debuted his first mix tape Memoires of a Hustler, but has been featured on various local/underground tracks and mixtapes as well has toured with The Dayton Family on the Psycho tour and with MC Breed on the All We Do Is Club tour in addition to his features on This is 50, Hood X Radio Blog, Hood Illustrated Magazine and Trill Magazine.

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