Is Black America ever going to Wake Up?

CHARLOTTE, NC – 01 Dec, 2016 – The Trump/Clinton campaign is over, and Donald Trump will be our 45th President. I’ve heard everything from black people being scared to death, to blaming other blacks for not voting, to making statements about leaving the country. Only a few black voices have echoed sentiment for conducting ourselves with a sense of unity; particularly in the areas of economics and education. These few black voices represent this “black consciousness” mindset, that seems to “fly in the face” of mainstream Black America. From my observations, mainstream Black America continues to ask White America for a “seat at their table” through “diversity and inclusion”. The Black Lives Matter movement/mantra, which I had a problem with from day one, continues to evoke this energy of trying to change the hearts of people versus mobilizing black lives to change policies. (Is it just me, or has White America given its “stamp of approval” that Black Lives Matter will be our new platform, damnit!).

The Tom Joyner/Steve Harvey morning radio shows reach an overwhelming number of people within the black community, yet, my assessment would suggest that they never deliver any real “solution based” dialogue for Black America that’s steeped in Black Empowerment. (They play great music, make you laugh, and try to make you feel like an idiot if you don’t vote Democratic). There was this one radio personality that used his platform at an attempt to empower black people…Michael Baisden. Oh yeah, that’s right, he rectified the Jena Six situation, incorporated a segment of his show for blacks to network to start their own businesses and conducted meaningful dialogue about black issues. Maybe these things were what led to his abrupt dismissal from the airwaves. We’ve (blacks) had a Black President and two black Attorney Generals, and somehow, un-armed blacks being gunned down by white police officers receiving little or no consequence, seemed to be just “the order of the day”. (This was one of many components in society that caused me not to vote for Hillary or Trump.). (Oh yeah, is it just me, or is it easier for a white candidate to outline specifics of what he/she will do for the black community versus a black candidate?). The Black Church, which once stood for unity and empowerment in our communities, just wants to pray everything away. The NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus (the quietest I’ve ever not heard in years during the Obama Administration), the Rainbow Coalition, Rev. Sharpton’s Action Network, and the National Urban League all have been weak and cowardice toward issues facing Black America.

Voices as far back as Marcus Garvey have lovingly implored Black America to take serious stock in ourselves, for ourselves. The word “disproportionate” would not need to be defined or explained in the dictionary… just put a picture of a black man or black woman in its place. We continue to occupy first place in practically everything that’s negative in society, though we only make up about 13-15 percent of the nation’s population. When is, Black America going to realize that unity, critical thinking, and a serious resolve for change within our community… especially about economics, is going to be what’s needed to finally erase the same ills that we’ve been dealing with for decades. Yes, this will probably mean discarding so-called stalwart institutions we’ve held dear, and dropping old mindsets that continue to fail us… like voting to help make history, but not getting anything in return.

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