The Tao of Life – Spiritual book about the origin of life

“The Tao of Life” by Roland Frey
Roland Frey describes the unity of macro- and micro-universes in his book “The Tao of Life”.

There are a handful of theories about the origin of our planet and how life began. Scientists managed to answer many of the questions, but with every answered question, a new group of questions appears. Roland Frey uses a metaphysical approach to answer some of the old and new questions in a different and fascinating manner.  The book describes a hypothesis on the origin of life on earth. It assumes that the microcosmic molecular basis of life arose by adaptation to the overlaying macrocosmic astronomical rhythms impacting on the earth.

Different cycles of life are examined in “The Tao of Life” by Roland Frey, above all the Chinese I-Ching, to understand how those cycles are connected to the general cycle of life. According to the presented approach, the basis of life is a microcosmic ‘copy’ of the macrocosmic rhythms. This provides a simple explanation for the unity of macro- and microcosm in the sense that the microcosm includes the macrocosmic pattern of order in itself. The accessible way of writing makes it easy for readers to understand this complex topic and think about life and its origins in a way they might not have done before.

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