NCWC Inc. Offers Automotive Service Plans to Fit Any Need

OCEAN, NJ – 02 Dec, 2016 – NCWC Inc. is pleased to announce that they are now offering four automotive service plans in order to provide customers with the coverage they need for their vehicle. By offering a variety of choices, NCWC provides customers with a broad range of products in price ranges they can afford.

“It is our desire to meet the needs of the customer, not make the customer conform to what we offer,” Ed Bradley, CEO of NCWC, said. “We offer four different options, all of which are refundable, renewable and come with just a $100 deductible. This allows our producers to close more deals and maximize sales.” Mr. Bradley said that by offering a variety of prices and products, customers are better able to customize their extended service plan while remaining within their budget.

The Select Coverage plan is a comprehensive full-coverage policy. It is recommended for newer vehicles and helps protect owners from costly repair bills. The protection covers the engine, turbo charger, transmission, transaxle and more. The plan provides maximum peace of mind to customers as it covers the most important elements of the vehicle.

Older vehicles may benefit from the Engine Plan as it protects against expensive engine repair bills. It is not as comprehensive as some of the other plans, but still offers maximum protection for engines in vehicles with higher mileage. All lubricated parts of the engine, the engine block and cylinder heads are covered under the plan.

The engine, transmission and drive axles are all part of the powertrain of a vehicle. Powertrain Coverage is highly recommended for newer vehicles still under warranty who plan to keep the vehicle after the factory warranty expires. Powertrain components are the most expensive to repair and Powertrain Coverage helps protect owners from that expense. It is important to note that routine maintenance and repairs are not covered.

The Powertrain Enhanced Coverage includes protection not only for the powertrain, but the electrical air conditioning brakes and steering systems as well. The water pump, transmission, turbo/supercharger and drive axle are all covered under Powertrain Enhanced Coverage.


NCWC has been providing extended vehicle coverage for more than 20 years. They pride themselves on providing outstanding customer service and quick claim approval. Learn more by calling 800-599-9557 for sales or 800-599-9557 Extension 500 for sales. Our experienced customer service representatives will help you choose the right product for your customer.

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