Cyereg Launches a Funding Campaign

Woodland Hills, California – 02 Dec, 2016 – Cyereg, an internationally recognized startup has announced that it is raising funds via AngelList and Fundable to finish the development of their revolutionary and innovative cloud-based Freelancing and E-learning platform. These breakthrough features are a culmination of education, testing, verification and ranking systems that cannot be rigged or manipulated by any unverified information.The company, which prides itself as one of US’s best technological solution startups is ecstatic about their outstanding innovations which have raised the bar in the world of IT solution.

According to the project manager Pramod K Maloo, Cyereg requires 2.5 million dollars working capital for business development and operations and the program will be rolled out in two phases. The first phase, which requires one million dollars will cover the remaining software development program, additional beta testing, market research and software launching, which is estimated to produce approximately 3,000 customers while the remaining $1.5 million will cover the “go live” phase within 10 months of the first roll-out.

Cyereg has already invested $25,000 and expects to invest $35,000 more in the next few weeks. “Based on our conservative financial models, we forecast an operating profit of 37% within 12 months of launch. This will rise to 68% in the second year and it will be sufficient to enhance our products and services doubling tour customer base” says John Doe, the financial director of the company.

Established in 2015, Cyereg is the brain child of IT genius Majid Mireskandari. He created the platform to help and reshape the employment market by developing a unique user-friendly interface that brings together education, testing, and verification.Whether it’s unparalleled algorithmic matching technology, the access to real experts or getting solutions to real life business challenges, this new global freelancing and online learning platform introduced by Cyereg offers the solutions to online freelancing drawbacks and some gaps that have been left unaddressed for many years. The platform is remarkably very easy to use even for non-techy customers.

Majid Mireskandari, CEO of Cyereg had this to say “At Cyereg, We are not only a freelancing platform but also an effective channel for e-learning. We provide opportunities for involved stakeholders to access real-time quality based solutions to their technological problems. Whether you are an expert looking for ways to make money with your skills, or an Employer looking to attract and keep the best talent or you may be a student looking for quality and professional e-learning platform to update and sharpen your skill, Cyereg is the place to be. Our goal is to become an indispensable player in the global IT freelance market providing self-help services in online Freelancing and the Information Technology industry in general.” He also encouraged members of the public contact them and show their support for this funding campaign.

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