New Home Design For Maximum Savings And Enjoyment

New home sales are at a 9 year high as most Americans can’t find exactly what they are looking for in existing homes. In Twin Falls, Idaho, where the economy and population has been growing annually at double-digits, consumers want larger, more feature laden homes. But bigger homes cost more and studies indicate the new owners are not as satisfied.

New for 2017 an Idaho building contractor, Crist and Sons Contractors announces new features and benefits to make customers happy and to save them money on home building.  Todd Crist, owner, explains, “We have been able to build a 2,000 sq. ft. house and make it feel much larger, like it’s 2500-3000 sq. ft.”  It starts with open floor plans, natural light, and maximizing storage space.

How They And You Can Design Smarter

Make spaces feel larger by designing an open kitchen to your dining and living areas. “The kitchen is where we spend most of our time,” says Todd, “so make it open and bright by removing walls, installing skylights and lots of windows.”  More light makes humans happy, the kitchen becomes useful, plus the entire space feels much larger because all the window space brings the outdoors in.

Todd continues, “As a home builder, we pay careful attention to the southern facing walls and maximize the window space in your new home”. All the natural light makes small rooms feel larger, especially when using lighter wall colors.

Todd’s #1 Home Building Tip Is…

“The absolute best home design tip whether you buy existing or build new is try to get a home with a bedroom, bath, laundry and kitchen on the same floor,” says Todd Crist. The passionate home builder’s advice is valuable, as homeowners age, the need for one floor living is necessary.  Barrier free entry, step-in bath, and avoiding steps are all huge benefits especially to baby boomers.  Fact: 87% of people 65 and older want to stay in their current home according to a 2014 AARP survey.

Think Better, Not Bigger

Sure you may want a bigger house, but do you really need all that space? “Our kitchen cabinets aren’t cookie cutter,” says Todd, “They are custom to fill every space.” Focus on being efficient and investing in a quality kitchen, not bigger. Granite countertops, floor-to-ceiling cabinets, tile back splash and quality flooring will be a better investment and home-owners will be more satisfied.

Separate bathtubs and soaker-jet-tubs are less popular because they take up valuable bathroom space and use a lot of hot water. Plus people don’t use them like they thought they would. Crist recommends investing in larger shower areas, walk-in tubs or shower/bath combos.

What You Really Need Is Storage

Crist and Sons Contractors new home designs offer optional basements and accessible attic storage. When you have more storage space, everything is in it’s place, there is less clutter, and it feels bigger. Maximizing the available storage space is the most efficient use of an area. Once you start moving into your new home, boxes can go right on the shelf, not take up valuable floor space.

Having a basement in your new home will not add true square footage in an appraisal, but it will allow for home theatre, rec room, man cave, workshop, or much needed cooler living areas come summer. Climate changes predict warmer and warmer summers, as 2016 surpassed 2015 as the hottest on record, you can naturally stay cool underground.

Americans have too much stuff, and garages have become the great dumping ground. Sadly you may not be able to park your vehicles in your brand new garage due to all the stuff, but Crist has a solution, installing easy ladder access to attic storage.

What You Can Learn From Crist

Here are some ways to save on new home designs:

1. Use dual-thermostats to control different sections of the house

2. Install extra insulation everywhere, as larger homes use more energy

3. Design skylights in closets, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens

4. Have insulated barriers separating upstairs from downstairs or low-use from high-use areas.

5. Going green may not always save you the green so check with your local energy companies on valuable solutions.

6. Stay cool with basements and get the extra space you need.

7. Maximize storage space everywhere- invest in attic storage, overhead racks, and shelves to get organized and have more room.

8. Make areas brighter and bigger with natural light, install the highest energy efficient windows you can afford.

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