How Do I Know God Loves Me?

Fantastic New Children’s Book Now On Amazon!

Attention all parents and grandparents. Melanie Richardson Dundy has written a beautiful book for children. This spiritually motivated book delivers a wonderful and powerful message to children ages 6-12. How Do I Know God Loves Me? is parenting help for moms, dads and grandparents who are working hard to raise happy, secure children who love and respect God, themselves, others and the world in which they live. Some have said this is the best children’s spiritual book on Amazon.

International Journal of Children’s Spirituality (IJCS), 2016 issue, posted a review praising the book.          

“This book is both fascinating and refreshing to read; leading a child through how God may answer commonly asked questions.”

“The author seeks to boost children’s self-esteem, empowering them to realize their potential within the knowledge of God’s love for them and encouraging them to comprehend their individual worth and value.”

“… opens the child’s mind, making suggestions that the child may seek to explore further themselves, and opening their mind to possibilities that they may have not previously considered.”

“Chapter 9 is devoted to aiding children in withstanding peer pressure, and successfully communicated the destiny of the reader to be unique, supporting them to accept who they are with confidence.”                                

Mindful parenting includes guiding children’s spiritual awakening and spiritual growth as well as their physical and intellectual growth. No matter how many precautions parents take, children today are bombarded with negative speech and inappropriate images from friends, bullies, television and social media. This is the book that will give your child coping skills, comfort and encouragement to deal with today’s world. A child’s self-esteem and confidence soar after reading.

How Do I Know God Loves Me? speaks directly to kids answering the questions already on their minds; Does God talk to me?, Where is God?, How can I make God smile?, Does God forgive me when I make a mistake?, Why are some kids so mean?

Sharing this book with a child is often a springboard to many surprising and interesting conversations.

Note from author:  I wanted kids to have a book written especially for them that they could keep by their beds to refer to when in need of spiritual guidance or emotional support. I also wanted to offer parents and grandparents a comfortable way to talk to children about spirituality.               —     Melanie

Melanie Richardson Dundy is the author of the children’s eBook, West To Oregon With Ollie Ox! — Story of the Oregon Trail (endorsed by OCTA, Oregon-California Trail Association, and the End of The Trail Interpretive Center in Oregon City). She studied writing at Southern Illinois University and University of Iowa. Melanie and her husband and their dog, Charlie, now reside in Oregon.


How Do I Know God Loves Me? is available in paperback and eBook formats

eBook:downloadfor $3.99from Amazon or iBooks

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Book Details:
Size:  5”x 7” (sized to fit comfortably in a child’s hand to make the message of the book feel more personal), 76 pages
Illustrations: silhouette format so children of all backgrounds can relate.
Pages:  60# offset, white, printed in U.S.A.
Cover:  laminated

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