PubHTML5 Makes Fashion & Style Digital Magazine Publishing Seamless

“PubHTML5 can seamlessly convert almost all office format files into digital magazines.”
PubHTML5 helps designers create seamless fashion & style digital magazines where readers can get their interested items’ information and buy the item directly.

Women in the online user pool buy a large chunk of their clothes and fashion accessories online. Online magazines have become one of the primary sources through which they browse through fashion magazines and make the decision to purchase the product.

PubHTML5 provides a digital magazine publishing platform that allows publishers to seamlessly convert their PDF files into digital magazines. The newly launched version of the magazine maker now has the seamless integration option of “Buy Now’ that allows the consumer to access buying options directly via the website. The software is feasible to use for people with all expertise levels which ensures that each PDF is turned into a top class digital magazine online.

With the help of the option for inclusion of multimedia such as videos, audios and images, the magazine maker allows designers to make their content interesting and engaging. Designing different elements with the existing versatile option of the templates and various design elements is made easy for amateurs in the design business. Having engaging content as a part of their website ensures an increase in sales and website traffic.

Collaborative efforts in management and design of the magazine are easy due to the shareable nature of the drafts. Several publishers can view and make changes in the final product at the same time. The final product is easily shareable through all social media channels which ensures greater reach and exposure of the content. PubHTML5 is a cloud based software which allows for digital magazine publication that is true to today’s age of digital ease. The users can access the user statistics to view the things that do and don’t work with their audience. Management of subscribers is also no issue due to the addition of the nifty feature in the software.

The availability of different branding options is a feature that is sure to be loved by various brands that like to leave their mark on their content. Perhaps the most beneficial feature of the software is the fact that anyone can make interactive and beautiful looking digital magazines with some easy steps. Having the option to make fashion & style magazines so seamlessly ensures that young entrepreneurs don’t have to spend extra money on getting these magazines designed from agencies that tend to charge them extra money for the easiest of tasks. The digital magazine publishing platform stores all data online which ensures that important files and elements are at a safe cloud space and easily accessed from remote users as well.

PubHTML5 is an excellent opportunity for women and entrepreneurs to make their fashion and design businesses appear more appealing and to drive their sales through interactive and engaging content.

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