Kizax Is Back: Wholesome Media Service

Satellite Media Just Got Serious With The Return Of Kizax

Pristina, Kosovo –The internationally diversified subdivision of globally recognized SUXCOM, Kizax, is making a huge comeback. Kizax specializes in satellite-friendly internet content and mobile-friendly international media services. The announcement was followed by a new wave of excitement that ran through the fans of Kizax who were waiting for it to return after its temporary discontinuation.

“Kizax is all sunshine and rainbows. Kizax is about the fun. When people think of Kosovo, people think of Kizax. Kizax is making Kosovo fun!” said one of Kizax’s Authorized Representative. When many Kizax fans around the world thought that the best satellite media services online had been discontinued by Suxcom, it was actually going through a major overhauling and maintenance. The recent affiliations of Kizax with Andy The Dog will also bring new improvements to the quality of services offered by Kizax.

Other affiliations of Kizax include Kosovo Radio. The radio is gaining massive popularity in several Eastern European countries as well as Greece. The latest plans of Kizax for 2017 include bringing the radio to Turkey, Italy, and Romania with many other European countries in the pipeline. The increasing popularity of Kizax along with its projects are indeed getting global recognition and popularity. “Kosovo Radio’s content is based on expertise in media as well as expertise of the target demographic.

It is crucial to decide what radio programs will be broadcast when. Kosovo Radio’s timing is impeccable.” Said Kosovo Radio’s Program Director.

Paparazzi Award is the latest affiliation of Kizax. The award has officially started to accept submissions as it prepares itself for 2017’s ceremonies. Together, the excellence brought to the industry by Suxcom and its subdivision, Kizax and the further branching of Kizax is remarkable and is being loved by the international audience of this online satellite media. “The Paparazzi Award bases criteria for recognition on the impact of their works. Unlike other fields of photography, paparazzi-style photography is very time sensitive which can leave a less than desirable final product. Despite this, when the works tell a story that people find meaningful, it doesn’t matter if the photo is perfect, it matters how it made people feel.” Said the Photography Director and Member Of The Paparazzi Award Panel.


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