Procurement Pro Beatrice Louisa Cruz shares 10 Golden rules of Job search for young girls in new book

Seasoned procurement pro and award winning career mentor has revealed best rules to land up with a job for young girls that also empowers them to wage a successful fight against the racial and gender discrimination at workplace.

DALLAS, TX, December 3, 2016: The contemporary job sector is characterized by a cut-throat competition, extending a challenging situation for new job seekers. Add to it the unwanted obstacles posed  by Intersectionality of gender inequality & racial discrimination in the workspace that create further obstacles and deprivation for otherwise promising young women. But there seems to be hope, Award winning mentor and procurement pro Beatrice Louisa has recently come up with her new book which unveils 10 Golden rules of Job search for the young women fresh out of college or university. Entitled as “The Secret Diary of Julietta Josephine, 10 1/2- Step Job Search Guide for Really Smart Girls!” the book is bustling with career advice from a seasoned professional who has been on both sides of the interview panel.

Beatrice Louisa’s book is launched on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback editions.



“I have personally suffered racial and gender discrimination at workplace and I know how that feels to be on the receiving end. Young women are taught the basic educational skills but academic institutions hardly pass on the real-life job search skills that are needed to survive in this highly competitive and discriminatory job scene. My aim here is to empower the young girls with the desired courage, knowledge and power to effectively combat the gender inequality & racial discrimination around and this is why I came up with this book. It embodies my own experience of waging a successful fight against the said discriminations as well as my personal insights as a seasoned procurement professional and career coach for 25+ years on what it takes to land up with your coveted job”, stated Beatrice Louisa while announcing her book.


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She has taken an extensive research on how the Intersectionality between gender and race results in ethnic based violence, trafficking, and obstacles within the socio-political-economic sphere.


A Dallas resident now, Beatrice Louisa hails from a Mexican-American family from South Texas. Since childhood, she has always been taught to stay strong to her distinct heritage which later helped to fight against the unjust discriminatory measures imposed on her at the workplace. Her illustrious career spans 25+ years across which she has donned the hats of a Spanish-English translator, procurement professional and has earned several awards for the cost-saving & mentoring initiatives. She has been a prominent member in interview panels & hiring committees.

What separates Beatrice Louisa’s job search guide from other regular career-help-tips publications is its Innovative presentation. Apart from presenting a systematic summary of invaluable tips, Beatrice Louisa has pepped up the whole ambience with interesting fictional characters to make the whole thing more engaging, appealing and readable for the readers. It’s its direct & conversational dispense which helps the book to stand out in prominence amidst the regular career advice manuals around. Along with whimsical cool illustrations by talented Simon Goodway, Beatrice Louisa’s latest book strikes a convincing tone across her 10 golden rules.

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