Galt Strategies Helps Water Company Become A “Beyond Profit” Company

GRAND PRAIRIE, TX – 12/2/2016 — Galt Strategies‘s owner, Michael Bodnar, has a passion to help companies create cultures of giving within their organizations. He believes there should be a greater purpose to a company’s financial gain. That greater purpose should be tied to the company making a mark on humanity in a way that is unique, measurable, and life changing. Therefore, Bodnar’s goal is to help companies become “beyond profit” companies while they become profitable companies. What is a “beyond profit” company? Bodnar says, “It is a company that extends its profit beyond itself to the needs of others so life change and transformation result.”

When Galt started working with the Grand Prairie, TX water company, Crystal Clear Concepts, the idea of taking a portion of the profits to help others was pitched to the  owner, Austin Ford. The concept became real when a project out of Kenya, Africa came to his attention. With the help of the non profit organization, Good Works NOW, Ford was told about a tribe of people stranded on a volcanic island in northern Kenya who had little to no food, no toilets, malaria deaths every month, and major intestinal diseases due to no clean water to drink. This group of people nicknamed themselves “the forgotten people” because no help has come to them from the government or any aid organization. When Ford was asked, “Do you want to help these people?” Without hesitation, he said, “Absolutely! Count me in.” And what a difference this company has made in one year.

Through the joint partnership of Galt Strategies LLC and Crystal Clear Concepts, the lives of the 2,000 people living on this remote island will never be the same. Through the generous giving of these companies, increased food, clean water, commerce, and health have resulted. One thousand mosquito nets were distributed in April bringing the incidents of malaria down to almost none. Previously, there were thirty to fifty new cases each month. Beyond this, they also built seven clean water stations throughout the island where each station is comprised of five water filtration kits. Each station now provides five hundred gallons of fresh water daily for the people to drink. This one act alone has significantly halted the water borne diseases the people were contracting by drinking the contaminated lake water.

They also sponsored a team to go to the island in October to build six toilets and distribute 100 fishing nets to teams of fishermen. The fish they catch will not only provide consistent food, but will allow them to sell fish in the market at the closest town so vegetables can be purchased for the islanders to eat. As a gesture of cultural support, they also provided funds for a church building to be built so the people of the island would have a place to worship without having to deal with the harshness of the environment and weather.

So, how has this impacted the employees of Crystal Clear Concepts? For many, it has changed their perspective regarding the significance of their work. Now, working hard has more meaning than simply bringing home a paycheck. They realize that their efforts are literally changing the lives of hopeless people around the world. Inside sales manager, Josh Reese, said it this way. “When we tied our department goals to the Africa project, it caused our sales reps to perform far beyond expectations. They kept asking where we were on our goals because they knew that if we reached them, it would generate money that would help the people on the island.” As a further way to connect Crystal Clear Concepts to the people they are helping, the company had its employees buy t-shirts with the company logo on it for all the children on the island. These were distributed in October when the other projects were performed.

Plans are underway for even more projects to be performed in 2017. Even though Galt Strategies takes pride in helping this company increase its gross profits over 400% in 2016, it takes equal pride in helping Crystal Clear Concepts and its employees discover their greater purpose. A part of humanity has been changed forever because these companies chose to get involved in the lives of those who face great need every day. Being a profitable company is great, but, learning to be a beyond profit company is even greater.

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