Medcan Foundation Fights for the Rights of Patients Who Need Medical Cannabis for a Better Quality of Life

Medcan Foundation, a leader in the market of medical cannabis, presents its health, educational and scientific approach in the State of Florida; adding efforts with representatives of the States of California, Colorado, Texas and Puerto Rico..

MIAMI, FL – 12/03/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Medcan Foundation congratulates all Floridians on such a progressive stance on Medical Cannabis. The State’s appreciation of life is undeniable, and Medcan Foundation wants to be a part of Florida’s important and historic transition in accepting the benefits of medical cannabis. We understand change brings challenge that requires courage and informative action. As a Foundation, Medcan is recognized as a leading institution and pioneer in this new and emerging industry of Medical Cannabis education, which is why we come strongly to Florida to deliver an educational seminar on November 20th, 2016.

After two years of hard work and resilience in Florida, approval to expand the use of medical cannabis has provided many opportunities. This new law allows more organizations to obtain permits in cultivation and distribution. With this permission, about 250,000 qualified patients will finally have the option to benefit from the medicinal use of cannabis.

Two years ago a referendum to legalize medical marijuana in Florida missed by a few percentage points. However, voters on November 8, 2016 approved a constitutional amendment that gives patients with debilitating diseases (such as AIDS, cancer, and Crohn’s disease) legal access to cannabis. The referendum, with 69 percent of precincts reporting results, passed through with an astronomical 70 percent voter approval, making the state of Florida number 26 in the union to legalize medical marijuana. 

The Florida Amendment will expand the group of patients to include persons with the following illnesses: epilepsy, glaucoma, AIDS, posttraumatic stress disorder, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis. The latest research proves the benefits of cannabis in patients with these and other various types of diseases.

Clearly, so many people with a range of medical issues and diseases may be concerned or interested in the fact of Medical Cannabis in the near future. Medcan Foundation desires to spread knowledge on medical cannabis in order to stimulate this new industry. Medcan’s informative presentations can positively contribute to the State’s economy while simultaneously improving the health of its residents.

“Our patients deserve the best and the main focus should be the creation of an initiative command which will encourage the implementation of more comprehensive legislation that will benefit the professional community while at the same time administering the right dose for each patient,” –Mr. Dante Picazo, director of Medcan Foundation.

Medcan Foundation, as part of our social responsibility, developed a series of educational seminars and certifications in Florida to provide tools and educational opportunities on cannabis, its laws and benefits, so that each and every one of the people affected by this new law can afford to feel healthier. We want to reach patients who need to relieve their pain, improve their condition, and ultimately provide a better quality of life while maintaining dignity and honor.

Medcan’s upcoming seminar will be on November 20th at the Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The course will focus on the discussion of politics of marijuana, cultivation, advertising, marketing, profits, among other topics of interest. We also provide an analysis on the industry and the opportunities of obtaining a lucrative career; creation of jobs and thus contribute to the growth of the State’s economy.

For this seminar, we will have a group of experts coming from California, Colorado, Texas and Puerto Rico. Among the guests will be our chemist Phillip High from Colorado, Diana Avellanet, representing the state of California, and our founder and CEO, Dante Picazo in addition to representatives of Puerto Rico and Miami.

“We have gathered our knowledge for expanding the use of medical cannabis in the United States. As a foundation, we want to provide the tools necessary for patients requiring the use of medical cannabis to have and that this not only for a sector specific. We want to make an affordable product for everyone.” -Mr. Picazo.

Recently, Election Day voting results across the nation had California, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Maine legalize Recreational cannabis. While Florida, Arkansas, and North Dakota legalized Medical.

Marijuana Business Daily calls it an $8 billion-night based on the combined annual sales projected in the newly legal states. There are now eight more Senators and 68 more members of the House representing Recreational states, and six more Senators and 33 more members representing Medical states. predicts that it will be harder for the federal government to reject cannabis reform legislation in the future. This is an early indication that the cannabis industry will be harder for the Donald Trump administration to ignore than it was for the Obama administration. Moreover, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D.-Ore.), probably pot’s best friend in Congress, said he thinks the industry’s priorities for banking and tax reform could both pass a Republican Congress under President Trump.

The recent legalization of the consumption of Medicinal Cannabis in the State of the Florida is highly beneficial for various reasons, among them:

  • The Medicinal Cannabis improves the handling of pain and reduces the addiction to the opiates.
  • A review of 79 studies found that “there is a 30% or more improvement in handling the pain with cannabinoids in comparison with placebo” 
  • Studies also show that legalization and its availability in dispensaries, reduces by 15-35% admissions for abuse of opioids and opioid overdose deaths. 
  • In States that legalized medical marijuana, doctors also write much fewer prescriptions for drugs intended to treat pain, depression, anxiety, convulsions and nausea.

An accurate example is the case of Juan Isaiah Cruz III, diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma of spindle cells Stage 3, a rare type of cancer, in August 2014. After multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and visits to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Tennessee, their doctors referred them to hospice care. Because doctors believe he had less than a year to live, he was eligible to use the spray marijuana produced and delivered by Surterra Therapeutics. Cruz’s mother, Jacqueline Cuevas, said the hope is that cannabis will help reduce the tumor, relieve his pain and make him less dependent on drugs such as morphine. “This has been a great blessing,” Cuevas said. Cruz and Cuevas took a long time and research to find a doctor to recommend medical cannabis. “We did not want to surrender,” Cruz said. The people who make up Medcan Foundation are more than confident that the people of Florida will no longer ever have to battle with these stories, and that is the real goal of Medcan.

Medcan Foundation, a pioneer in this industry, has visited several countries, spreading knowledge to a variety of diverse communities on the facts of medical cannabis. As a foundation, Medcan compares the success recently obtained in Puerto Rico – with 3.5 million inhabitants – with that which we can get in Florida, uniting our work and efforts thanks to our representatives from the states of California, Colorado, Texas and Puerto Rico in favor of the use of medicinal cannabis with which we will have the pleasure of sharing during this seminar. If you are interested in learning the truth on medical cannabis from a credible source, see our contact information below.

 For more information you can access the page of the Foundation at, or to register for this new seminar  Register Here, or you can call (214) 733-0868.

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