FORECLOSURE and Income Tax dissected by Compucount, Inc.

PEMBERTON, NJ – 12/03/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Have you lost a home through foreclosure?  If so, you may just qualify for an income tax benefit that can produce an ADDITIONAL income tax refund of $25,00 to $10,000.

Compucount, Inc., an income tax consulting firm, with the help of a non-profit organization, has developed a program that helps a lot of foreclosure victims.

Compucount conducts a free review to determine if a prospect qualifies for the program. If the prospect qualifies, Compucount prepares an amended tax return to apply the benefit.  It is important to note that the benefit is applied AFTER a qualifying taxpayer files his regular annual tax return.  There is a very good reason for applying the benefit using an amended return.

When this amended return is filed, it also contains documents that prove the validity of the benefit.  Having this proof attached means there will be nothing for the IRS to audit or follow up on.  Everything needed to establish the benefit/deduction is included with the amended return.

This amended return must be processed manually by the IRS.  This automatically means a much slower process for the additional refund.  An actual agent will have to examine the documents to verify this additional deduction.  Compucount is projecting 90 – 120 days for completion and receipt of the additional refund.  This is the main reason for applying the benefit AFTER the taxpayers regular tax return is filed.  The taxpayer will have received his regular tax refund before the amended return is entered into the work flow.  If this benefit was filed with the taxpayer’s regular return, it would be months before he got a refund check from the IRS.

There is a fee for assembling the required documentation and preparing the amended return. This fee is taken directly from the refund itself so the taxpayer has no out-of-pocket expense.  Again, the initial consultation and qualification process is free. Seventy percent of the fee is donated to Sickle Cell Anemia & Charity, Inc. (SCAACI) for is building acquisition fund.

According to William McGill, business manager of Compucount, approximately 75% of taxpayers who suffered a foreclosure in the past three years will qualify. A video promotion of this benefit can be viewed at


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By Fletcher Quartermain

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