Foodstruct Launches New, Ad-Free, Nutrition Tools Platform

Knowing exactly what food your body needs or what nutrients are in different foods can be tricky. But nutrition technology organization, Foodstruct, may have the answer. It’s just launched a brand new tool that allows visitors to calculate the nutritional constituents of thousands of different food items, giving them the ability to find out exactly what they’re putting into their body.

The website uses data from the USDA and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans to generate tables and charts visualizing the nutritional qualities of different foods. What’s more, the platform is ad-free and sorts mainly non-branded foodstuffs with helpful images.

Nutrition Comparison Section

One of the most exciting features of the Foodstruct tool is the ability to compare different types of food across a range of different metrics. Suppose, for instance; you wanted to compare two carbohydrate foods, buckwheat and rice. All you have to do is enter the names of the foods in the boxes provided on the website and hit the “compare” button.

The Foodstruct website will then produce a detailed set of analytics, based on the information contained in its database. As it turns out, rice is cheaper than buckwheat and rice is lower in saturated fats, but buckwheat is richer in minerals, contains less sugar and has a lower glycemic index. Each foodstuff is compared across the full range of minerals, vitamins, and essential amino acids.

Unique Nutrition Search Tool

For people who want to find foods high or low in a particular vitamin, mineral or food compound like cholesterol, Foodstruct has built a unique nutrition search tool. The tool is intuitive and straightforward to use and is particularly useful for those who suspect nutritional deficiencies or have an illness. For instance, if a visitor is anemic, they can use the tool to search for foods high in iron. All they have to do is click the “high in iron” checkbox, and below the search menu will appear a list of all the foods that are high in that particular mineral. Topping the list are spices like turmeric and cumin, followed by animal products like liver and caviar.

Visitors can also search for foods based on multiple parameters. Suppose for instance a person wanted to bring up a list of foods both high in vitamin C but low in carbs. All that they would need to do would be to check both “high in vitamin C” and “low in carbs” boxes and a list of high vitamin C, low carbohydrate foods is generated.

Database Is Clean

One of the objectives of the Foodstruct tool is to be a neutral resource for people interested in nutrition. As a result, the people behind it are keen to avoid advertising and branding on their site. The layout of the site is, therefore, clean. There are no popups or advertising banners, and the information is displayed in a way that is as helpful and as instructive as possible. For every item of food in the database, Foodstruct gives information on the top five nutrients by which the food is rich, similar foods, a macronutrient chart, nutrition facts label, a list of health warnings and checks, mineral coverage chart, vitamin coverage chart, protein quality information and fat type information.

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