New Meditative Blog Lists An Impressive 108 Reasons Why Meditation Is So Beneficial

Humans have been practicing meditation for thousands of years because of its beneficial effects. But not until now have we had so much science confirm just how useful the exercise is for our bodies and minds. Now Meditative Wisdom has assembled all the most exciting science on the subject and turned it into an easily digestible blog where visitors can read about all the profound benefits of this ancient practice.

Based On Science

Meditative Wisdom know that a lot of people in the modern world are sceptical about the benefits of meditation. For a long time, meditation has been wrapped up in mysticism, and the actual benefits have remained clouded. But now science is finally catching up and providing the information people need to make informed decisions on whether or not they should take up the practice. Starting around 30 years ago, scientists began to investigate the positive influence of meditation specifically, thanks to its growing popularity in countries like the US. Since then, thousands of studies have been published, with more than 500 released in scientific journals this year alone.

The research adds up to tell a compelling story about the benefits of meditation, which Meditative Wisdom has collated on its website. Interestingly, the style of meditation doesn’t appears to be as important as the fact that people are doing it. It indicates that people can benefit from multiple different forms of meditation and find the particular type of meditation that suits them. As Meditative Wisdom points out, “meditation is such a simple practice and pretty much anyone can do it if they give it a chance.” It’s a win-win situation, and with plenty of benefits to boot.

The Four Main Groups Of Benefits

108 is a large number, so the folks over at Meditative Wisdom have categorised the various benefits of meditation into four main groups: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. By reading through the blog post, you’ll quickly learn what distinguishes each of these categories and why they are important. To help users navigate the article, there is a table of contents that provides anchor hyperlinks to the relevant sections, allowing users to find the content that they need quickly and efficiently. One of the surprises of the blog is the fact that the authors were able to find so much scientific material related to the spiritual benefits of meditation. They found data that seemed to indicated that meditation leads to things like increased wisdom, a better understanding of oneself, and higher levels of self-acceptance. One study from 2010, which you can read about on the blog, found that meditation could foster deeper levels of attention and intuition among participants.


For people who don’t want to invest as heavily in researching all the benefits of meditation, Meditative Wisdom has included an summary infographic on the “10 Reasons Why Daily Meditation Is So Beneficial.” It cover things like how meditation helps reduce cigarette and alcohol use, as well as slow down the aging process.

To find out more, head over the to Meditative Wisdom website.

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