It’s Greek To Me – Serving You at Its Best

TULSA, OKLAHOMA – 12/3/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — It’s Greek To Me – Serving You at Its Best

It’s Greek To Me has been serving its local people for almost 20 years now. The business started its operation in 1998 when the founder decided to build the restaurant at Promenade Mall. Since then, the restaurant continued to expand its influence in the market, making it one of the leading restaurants in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

What’s the story behind It’s Greek To Me?

Antar Affify has perfected the craft of running the business for several years until now that all his efforts lead to good outcomes. He was the founder of the restaurant that started out as a small business and grew bigger through time. Antar began his career as a Mediterranean restaurant dishwasher. All those years that he worked for the business, he was able to adapt to the environment loving it more and more for each passing day. Then, he decided to put up his own restaurant until in 1998; he started managing his own Mediterranean restaurant. Over the years, Antar steadily made great improvements in the business. He came up with two branches of the restaurant – one in Woodland and the other in Promenade mall.

What does this restaurant offer?

Do you want to taste authentic Mediterranean food and delicacies? With It’s Greek To Me, you can taste a series of mouth-watering dishes that you will always crave for. Serving 70% home-cooked food, they guarantee that they will cater nothing but fresh, natural and healthy food to give the most of your investment to them. The taste of their cuisines has wonderfully evolved through time giving you great satisfaction of your tasting preferences. You will surely enjoy the taste of their popular house made tzaziki sauce along with fresh cuisines made and cooked into perfection. All you need to do is to select the food from their online ordering menu and you’ll get it in no time. 

Not only is the food great, but the ambiance of ordering itself offers friendly service and convenience. It’s Greek To Me is not just a restaurant for formal shopping occasions, but it is also best for catering services for a variety of events.

It has been the mission of Antar to offer excellent quality of food that nourishes not only the body, but as well as the soul. By providing outstanding customer service and quality food, the business was able to consistently secure its spot on the top.

Do you prefer ordering food for your convenience? It’s Greek To Me has made it possible for you to now order online and pick up your order in no time. Make your orders known to them through online transaction and they will be prepared for you right away. For many years of dedicating himself in the business, Antar has made it possible to make his dreams come true at the best way he can. Get the best quality of their food and cuisine with your orders. The restaurant can be your best choice of Mediterranean food.  

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