Wandering with Airwheel R5 Intelligent city electric assist bike to welcome the late autumn

Unloading burden and forgetting worries, you can ride in suburb and this good chance can’t be missed in this late autumn. Airwheel R5 city electric bike will be well suited for seeking freedom from inhibitions without spending all the energy.

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When season changes, relaxing in outdoors for finding some different views is really smart which can eliminate sub-health and fresh up with full spirit for future plans. In limited time, you might as well ride around in a quiet place if there are no guys to be accompanied. Meanwhile, by this chance, you can regulate emotion. Electric assist bicycle R5 makes it possible for freely arranging the power output and seems more flexible.

Airwheel R5 citizen folding electric bike

Airwheel knows quite a bit about electric energy control after studying intelligent electric bikes for a long time. Electric bikes with support of pure electricity prevails since it economizes labor and also environmental. Once it is added with man pedaling mode, its application will be expanded so as to meet the demand of short-distance travelling. The introduced chain gear in the structure of R5 electric moped bike provides physical foundation for multiple riding modes. 

 R5 electric moped bike

Adopting the aluminum outlook, R5 Smart E Bike’s loading capacity does not decrease. The height of seat can be adjusted so it rides more comfortable than common bicycles. R5 electric assist bike kit chooses 16-in wheels which have better road traffic ability even if they do not have the small size and light weight of 8-inch ones. The alterable riding mode can be called the most distinguished feature for R5 as a riding tool. Switching modes in different time and terrains, users can achieve the effect that they cannot imagine.

R5 Smart E Bike

Two extreme behaviors in riding modes: too exhausted to appreciate landscapes by continuous pedaling and completed riding by electricity. Mostly, people hope to find a mode that can mediate these statuses. At this time, R5 electric assist bike appears. After starting the electric assist mode, several levels are available. Under this mode, the power losses of wheel hub motor is only half of the power under pure electricity drive. The special sensing electric assist technology will make the power finely allocated.

Additionally, Airwheel R5 has outstanding folding technology and only three steps can finish the whole folding process. Battery can be portable power source for charging smart devices.

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