Airwheel high quality smart e bike will help people to get more fun in life

Vehicle is something we all take for granted. Under pressure, people shuttle back and forth on each kind of transportation vehicles. Maybe those tools once accompanied us will occasionally arouse our beautiful memory. Traditional bicycle, motorcycle, train and car are the vehicles people may use in the past. From now on, Airwheel smart e bikes will be the ones that make you feel happiest.

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At our childhood, bicycles are most common tool for visiting or shopping; later, motorcycles become popular among youngsters and riding motorcycles seems to be very cool; when we step into college life, we start to take train to arrive at college school which is far away from home, but also choose bikes to date; after working for several years, we are capable of driving a car with full proud; but now, we buy us Airwheel smart e bike in order to avoid traffic jam.

Finally choosing Airwheel Smart E Bike, instead of other transporting tools, can be said for living low-carbon life or live a free life, that is, avoiding of crowded cars or people in the roads. Airwheel E6 and E3 folding e bikes and the newly released electric assist bike R5 will make your life more comfortable and happier.

Airwheel E3 backpack electric folding bike

The strongest trait of Airwheel E3 backpack electric folding bike is hidden in the folding joint. By poking the tiny part located at the cross-section of the main frame, the two wheels will be naturally dropped into the two “O” shaped parts and then the changed body can be small enough to be enclosed into a customized backpack. Only weighing 12.5 kg, it is also easy to be carried and parked.

E6 folding e bike

Different from E3’s body figure, E6 folding e bike shows like an “X”. After folding, its mini size and light weight allows it to weave among the roads which are filled with cars, buses or pedestrians. By riding these two bikes, users won’t get late for anything when setting out in time.

R5 city electric bike

R5 city electric bike, the newly launched vehicle of Airwheel, is well-received in these two months. The highlight lies in the three riding styles, namely man-operated riding, pure electricity riding and electricity-assist riding. By switching the modes, riders can enjoy a wonderful traveling without any pressure.

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