Foldable design, cute shape for Airwheel 2016 new smart ebikes – E3 and E6

For many bicycle players, perhaps the foldable design always means the low performance and efficiency. But do not make fun of those foldable bikes since each foldable electric bike has potential power. If you doubt with this, those foldable electric bikes under Airwheel will prove that they are also powerful equipment.

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In the E series family of Airwheel, there are two foldable electric bikes, E3 and E6 e bikes. It can be said that they seem to be more practical than common bikes.

A bike that can be enclosed into a backpack-E3

This is a small bike which can be folded into a smaller one. The dimension after finishing folding is only 474mm×399mm×374mm. The cute place is the shape before and after folding. E3 backpack electric folding bike shows like two double “O” before folding and becomes one “O” after folding. E3 folding e bike has a customized storage bag which can load E3. Besides, some extra pockets can be used for enclosing small tools. What’s more, this bag is very easy to be carried, shouldered and lifted.

E6 intelligent e bike

No chain bike with double shock-proof-E6

E6 intelligent e bike is a bicycle without chain, driven by electricity. It uses the high performance motor and can reach up to 20km/h. It saves energy and at the same time people ride faster than traditional bicycles and won’t feel exhausted even if riding for a long period. Plus, the X-shaped figure of E6 will make you more fashionable and arouse the attention from passers-by.

E3 backpack electric folding bike

Aiming to city riding, Airwheel E6 folding electric bike selects the 8-inch wheels. However, in order to overcome some shortcomings of small wheel, E6 is equipped with multiple shock-proof system. Therefore, riders can steadily drive even if they are moving in uneven road surfaces. Moreover, it chooses the breathable rubber as the material of saddle. The most prominent feature for the seat is the separated left-right design which keep the power balanced and improve the riding experience.

Above all, do you still doubt for the performance and practicability of folding electric bikes? If there is lacking of such a tool in your life, you need to hurry up for trying. We believe, Airwheel Smart E Bike will definitely not make you disappointed.

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