PaperChef’s New Website and Social Experience Makes Culinary Excellence Accessible For All

In the development of the business world, an online presence is essential. To meet this demand, paperchef cooking parchment is launching a new website complete with recipes and more

NEW YORK, NY – In recent times, there has been an intense and popular push towards healthier eating, preparation, and presentation when cooking. What many do not realize is that how ‘healthy’ food largely depends on how it is prepared. For example, fried chicken is one of the most fattening foods around, while the white chicken breast is widely recognized as one of the healthiest meats to eat.

However, one of the healthiest and most flavorful preparation methods has stayed just under the radar: en papillote, which is French for ‘in parchment’ cooking. Here to bring back this cooking tool is PaperChef’s cooking parchment. The tools provided by PaperChef are designed to be intuitive for any setting, ranging from use in a restaurant to use as a tool for the at-home culinarian. Today, these cooking tools are easier than ever to use as PaperChef has launched a new website, blog, and social experience providing professional and at-home cook submitted recipes and methods of parchment utilization.

En papillote cooking holds several key advantages over simple frying, baking, and other cooking processes. Foremost, food that is cooked while in PaperChef’s parchment bag is allowed to keep the flavor, moisture, and nutrients that it naturally holds, enabling a pure and tasty meal without unhealthy flavor additives. Best of all, this process is completed without the synthetic cooking sprays and fat-containing oils that have become so familiar in today’s cooking methods.

Additionally, parchment has proven itself to be superior to other food wrappings such as wax and aluminum. Wax paper is notoriously sticky and requires a non-stick coating to be sprayed on, and even with non-stick coating, wax paper in the freezer can leave bits of paper stuck to foods. In contrast, parchment paper is naturally non-stick. As for aluminum, the thermally conductive material is notorious for scorching goods, a problem not found with parchment paper. And worry not, for all products made by PaperChef are certified for temperatures below freezing and above four hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

Aside from the soundness of the en papillote cooking method, PaperChef also values variety. In this vein, the company provides parchment cooking paper in all shapes and sizes. Clients can order all sorts of styles including pre-cut sheets, lotus cups, parchment cooking bags, and the traditional roll-style of parchment paper. As a side benefit, all of these products are FSC certified, signifying PaperChef’s dedication to the environment through sustainable foresting practices. PaperChef products are also Kosher certified ensuring that anyone can use this culinary tool without violating their moral codes. With PaperChef, everyone can enjoy a bit of culinary sophistication in every meal.

About  PaperChef
PaperChef was founded by Scott Miller and Bill Benson in 2010. The duo set out to bring people together through the art form of food. With PaperChef, parchment can act as the canvas for a delicious meal. Simply put, edible art is some of the most enjoyable art. Today PaperChef is focused on building a community for its clients, providing recipes, articles, and how-to videos, enabling anyone to become the best cook they can be.

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