Bridge To Babylon: Adullam Films Releases Latest Outstanding Production, Shedding Light On The King James Bible Controversy

Mt. Juliet, TN – Late in the 19th century, a shocking event rocked Christianity to its core.  Two Bible scholars named Brooke Foss Westcott and Fenton John Anthony Hort published their critical work on the King James Version of the Bible.

This milestone work, referred to by academics as the WH text, alleges that certain parts of the King James Bible version were filled with forgeries, which were added to the Bible at later dates.

While some theological scholars argue that the WH text was the invention of heretics, it cannot be argued that it had a profound effect on the discussion surrounding biblical scholarship, interpretation and origins.

Bridge To Babylon: Rome, Ecumenism And The Bible is Adullam Films’ newest film release, chronicling the aftermath that followed the publication of the WH text.

Starting from the history of the revision of the Bible, that took place in 1881, the film goes on to explore the events predating the authoring of the WH text, including proof on the fact that the revision was intended to overthrow the Textus Receptus of the Protestant reformation. Analyzing the impact of the WH text, the film includes commentary on the works of several key theological scholars, who, post the appearance of the WH text in the realm of theological studies, expressed various opinions, questioning the veracity of key aspects of the Bible.

The film explains the factors that lead to the creation of what became known as “bridge Bibles”, as well as their importance in forging a path towards an ecumenical movement, which would bring together Evangelical Protestants and Rome, under one, ecumenical unity.

Bridge To Babylon: Rome, Ecumenism And The Bible includes fascinating commentary by leading scholars, including Dr. Phil Stringer, Dr. David Brown, David Daniels, Dr. D.A. Waite, Dr. Jack Moorman, Dr. Kirk DiVietro, Dr. H.D. Williams, Dr. Ronald Cooke and Dr. James R. White.

Their keen insights and expert opinions on the historical events surrounding the King James Bible controversy are sure to fascinate any Christian who wants to be accurately informed on theological matters.

Bridge To Babylon: Rome, Ecumenism And The Bible is the third film in Adullam Films’ series on the untold history of the Bible. It follows the first two successful installments of the series, A Lamp In The Dark and Tares Among The Wheat.  “Bridge” is available on DVD through the Adullam Films website and can also be viewed through online digital download on Vimeo.

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