Yoder’s Country Cooking: Amish Cookbook Bringing Together All Amish Recipes

More than 900 Amish Family Recipes in One Amazing Amish Cookbook

BeanStation, TN, USA – Yoder Family secrets have been collected and transferred into the world through an amazing Amish Cookbook called ‘Yoder’s Country Cooking: My Amish Recipes’. The Amish Cookbook has more than 900 recipes of delicious Amish food and is available online for everyone to get a hold on.

Originally published in 2013, the Amish Cookbook has 278 pages and is the complete Amish Cooking guide for the kitchens around the world. According to expert chefs who have read this work, Amish Recipes have never been stored together in one place like this and the book is one of its kind in the market.

Primarily authored by Ms. Susie J Yoder, Mr. Joseph E Slabaugh, the book also contains work of Mrs. Pat Lawson. The detailed account of Amish Cooking is constantly gaining recognition and popularity among the food experts and ethnic food lovers around the world. The Amish Families are keeping this book as a special treasure in their homes to transfer down to their new generations.

“My family is mostly still Amish, although I have not been Amish since I was 18 and left to live with my cousin and brother.” Said the Amish author of this book. “I started a Facebook group a few years ago to share some Amish recipes with fellow Ex-Amish people, and then after 2 years, suddenly, in a 6 week period it blew up from 500 members to 5500 members. Currently, the My Amish Recipes Facebook Group has over 82,000 members.” The author added while commenting about the background of this rich account on Amish cuisine.

In addition, Joseph also said, “These are recipes submitted by my family, and I have my Mom on the cover of the cookbook” while commenting on his mother and her amazing skills of Amish Cooking. User reviews, testimonials and feedback about cookbook has been phenomenal so far and thousands are liking the Amish Recipes and Cookbook Facebook fan page due to the positive feedback they have heard about it from friends and family, and the recipes that are also shared there.

“Some are also ordering the cookbook for the upcoming Christmas Season,” said Joseph. “And I will give bulk discounts to people who want to order multiple copies for their entire Christmas List.”

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