A new touchscreen store technology is launched in Quebec in 2016.

The first touchscreen store was installed at the Pyramide Sainte-Foy on November 5, 2016.

Quebec – Canada – December 5, 2016 – International marketing agency Bilberry Marketing is looking for a round of Series A Financing for a total of $ 1.1 million CAD. The funding will be used to launch 100 touchscreen stores in high traffic commercial locations in Quebec in 2017. The business plan of the Quebec based company plans to install more than 4,000 Bilberry Station in the next 3 years.


A touch screen store, more commonly known as the Bilberry Station, is an high tech innovative concept with 55 inches screen to display digital advertising, remotely controlled by Windows and using to order products without any employee support.

Frédérik Giguère, marketing specialist for more than 10 years and VP marketing of the marketing agency Bilberry Marketing, says that this new concept of touchscreen store is whithout any doubt what will allow retail stores to compete with giants E-commerce like Amazon or Ebay over the next few years.

About Us

Bilberry The marketing agency’s mission is to help our clients businesses, to generate new sales and win customers. The quality of our service, the impact on consumers and the return on investment for our customers are our greatest assets, which radically differentiate us from the competition.

Bilberry Marketing is a marketing agency founded in 2015 in order to provide different types of marketing services to businesses. In 2016, following the business partnership between Frederik Giguère and Nicolas Giguère Vincent Bernier, Bilberry Marketing is taking off and the three shareholders unveil the project Bilberry Station. The Bilberry Station is an innovative concept supported by a combination of known technologies and cutting edge that can display advertising, remote controlled by Windows, sell products using a touch screen. The Bilberry stations are installed in commercial areas, gyms, airports, hotels, service stations where the traffic of mass consumers is major. This innovative concept is completely managed and administered in Canada by Marketing Bilberry. The deployment of hundreds of Bilberry Station is scheduled for 2017.

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