WASHINGTON, DC – 12/5/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Semforex, Inc., a Maryland firm, plans a company and product launch, featuring its innovative ballistic carrier on December 7, 2016, at 6pm at 910 Bladensburg Rd. NE. Washington, DC 20002. The event, hosted by W. S. Jenks & Son, a major supplier of hardware and equipment to law enforcement and military, features the Semforex ballistic carrier. 

Point Blank Enterprises, the Florida-based premier manufacturer of ballistics, will showcase some of the newest protective equipment it makes in partnership with Semforex. The Semforex Carrier provides police officers, military, emergency personnel and high-level security professionals a comfort fit, flexibility, and the ability to wear body armor throughout the day. The carriers, designed for men and women, allow for more comfort in all weather conditions. According to one officer, “most of my incident scenes were in the extreme summer heat…I feel that the Semforex Carrier held up and really earned my favor because although my face and arms were sweating, the shirt I wore under the Semforex Carrier was completely dry…”

“When I was in the military service,” says Michael Lamb, Founder and CEO of Semforex, “the flak vests we wore were so heavy it made it awkward to move.” So when Police Officer Charlie Poole of MPD-DC (now retired) talked about the discomfort police officers endure while wearing their protective equipment, he found a willing designer to work with to create a garment that would settle the issue once and for all.  Michael Lamb designed an innovative, ballistic carrier that provides an unparalleled fit allowing the wearer to move comfortably and safely with body armor.  The carrier hosts specially designed, ballistic packets made exclusively for Semforex by Point Blank Enterprises.  The ballistics meet and exceed National Institute of Justice (NIJ) level II, III and IV standards. 

Semforex was nominated by the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) for its innovation and won the prestigious Harris Corporation Champion of New Technology Award in 2011. 

Semforex, Inc., a certified federal, MD state and DC vendor, is a veteran owned corporation formed in 2012, with offices in Beltsville, MD. The company is currently taking orders. For more information, contact:  Yvette L. Hill at 202.286.6185.

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