O.T.C. (Only The Crew) Mixtape “205 Nights”

ATLANTA, GA – 12/5/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Atlanta’s #1 independent record label Just Good Music Group (JGMG) announces the signing of who will soon be one of the HOTTEST Rap and Hip-hop groups to come out of the “Dirty South” in recent years. 

Their name is O.T.C. (Only The Crew). O.T.C. consists of three members Dakota (aka DG), Jacob (aka Smokey), and Levi (aka Chronic). O.T.C. is “Straight Out of Alabama” from the small town of Ragland but their lyrics are big, organic, stimulating, and gritty. O.T.C.’s lyrics pack the power of an aftershock that will surely make the ground underneath your feet tremor unlike anything you’ve felt or heard in recent times in the music industry.  

For the past several months since their signing O.T.C. has been busy writing and recording in Atlanta’s sonically superior Patchwerk Recording Studios working alongside Music Producer and Songwriter Kenny-A (aka Popa Doe). Finally O.T.C. is ready to release their first music project titled 205 NIGHTS which will be a FREE Mixtape released exclusively on [ ], [ ], and YouTube [ ] on Black Friday November 25, 2016 the official release date. 

From the very first track on the Mixtape titled “Pat Riley” O.T.C. comes right out the gate with a powerful “Shock and Awe” rap spitting a lyrical hurricane that makes your head spin as you vibe. The second track titled “What You Created” O.T.C. shows you their ability to write lyrics that are relevant and powerful reflecting the current day, time, and real life experiences. Someone very famous once said: “It is an artist’s duty is to reflect the times in which one find’s oneself, so how can someone call themselves an artist and not reflect the times in which they live?” – Nina Simone….O.T.C. is just that type of Rap artist. 

From track to track to track the listeners will get a sneak peek into the level of O.T.C.’s talent and dedication to the craft of being true lyricist and story tellers. Their Mixtape 205 Nights is just a prelude to an even more powerful album release. Getting to this level in their career wasn’t easy and was full of struggles but their work ethic and dedication helped them overcome it all. 

For O.T.C. (Only The Crew) Rap and Hip-hop music is the essence of their being. 

Every word they write is lyrical poetry that communicates and stimulates your mind while the beat commands your body to vibe to the groove.

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