Quan Ruixian: Promote the Public Power to Settle the Climate Change Problem Together

Climate change and environmental governance involves every country, every nation and everybody in the world as it associates with “fate community” and “interest community”.

The related news of 22nd Climate Change Conference of the United Nations has made people get more cognitions and considerations on climate change. It is quite noticeable that this conference is the first contracting party conference after Party Treaty went into effect in due form and is widely considered as an “implementation” conference, where the voices that “the challenge in future would be still severe” and “global actions against climate changes still need to be continued” alert the people to reflect on themselves.

It’s not hard to see that against changeable climate, scientific exploration and scientific solution is still “on the way”. We should especially absorb and use wisdoms from all parties for reference to counter it scientifically.

In the field of Chinese climate change research, a woman has been persisting in research on new theories of earthquake and climatic abnormal changes to form a series of unique research achievements. She is Quan Ruixian, the director of Earth Motion Law and System Science Research Center of China academy of management science.

New Discovery Derives New Ideas

According to the report of German website of Reuters on November 14, an up to date research report shows that, global carbon dioxide emissions in 2016 only increased by 0.2%, which is the third year in succession that there is almost no change in emission. During the first decade of 21st century, the global carbon dioxide emissions increased by 3% every year. China’s carbon dioxide emissions accounts for approximately 30% of the world. Because economic growth slowed down and fuel coal reduced, China’s carbon dioxide emissions in 2016 will decrease by 0.5%.

Everybody hates air pollution but no one can get away from it.

After study and analysis on climatic abnormal change, Ms. Quan Ruixian pointed out another deep cause that unbalance of the earth in the process of rotation and revolution movement caused by damage to the earth crust by human being such as over-exploitation of petroleum, natural gas and other mineral resources and underground water, as a result, a series of climatic anomalies came into being.

Quan Ruixian describes vividly that “the earth is a globe moving all the time and rotating at 1,674 kilometers per hour. Like our cars, the earth needs petroleum and natural gas, energy, lubrication, press reduction, heat preservation, thermal insulation and adjustment as well as solid matters as bracket to support its balanced and stable motion. The earth has self-adjustment, self-balance and regeneration functions, but our over-extraction of petroleum, natural gas and other underground resources unbalanced motion of the earth, as a result, the following abnormal climates happened.”

– The exhausted earth crust can balance and restore the earth under the actions of rotation and revolution movement of the earth and the gravity. Self-balance and self-restoration ways are: surface water and flowable substances permeate downward, which shows drought on the ground, damage to the crops, river cutoff, disappearance of Aral Sea, dry of lakes and reservoirs, ground fracturing, land desertification, etc.

– When supplementing liquid or flowable substances is unable to fill up the gap in the earth crust, under the combined action of gravity and rotation of the earth, the heavy plates on the earth’s surface decline. Additionally, artificial oversized, over-dense and overweight urban building groups on the earth’s surface continuously increase the weight of the plates and unbalance of rotation and revolution of the earth, quicken sinking or displacement of the plates and extrude high temperature lava in the earth mantle, as the result, high temperature lava breaks out so that volcanic eruption happens. Repeated volcanic eruption results in not only air pollution by volcanic ash, air transportation obstruction and emergent transfer of the surrounding residents, but also global temperature rise and various abnormal weathers such as severe convection weather, storm, flood and other natural disasters.

– Petroleum, natural gas, mineral deposit, land, forest and vegetation forming naturally play the roles of heat preservation, thermal insulation and adjustment well to the lava of high temperature in the earth mantle. When petroleum, natural gas and underground water are excessively extracted, the earth crust thins or its density decreases, land, forest and vegetation are destroyed continuously due to development of economy and cities of various countries, as a result, heat preservation, thermal insulation and adjustment of the earth crust and the earth surface are destroyed so that temperature o the earth surface rises and ice of the Arctic Pole melts. In this way, El Nino occurs inevitably to bring immeasurable economic loss to the world.

– The exhausted earth crust produced fall because cavity formed so that objects make accelerated motion in the process of high-speed revolution and rotation of the earth to form huge impact wave to the earth crust and surface. Also, without lubrication, depressurization and adjustment roles of petroleum, natural gas and other substances, solid matters crash into each other. With the actions of impact force and crash force, typhoon, hurricane, wind sand, tsunami, earthquake, landslide, sinking, house collapse, earth surface cracking and other phenomena happen on the earth surface.

Against climate changes, Ms. Quan Ruixian has proposed directions and goals at macro and micro levels such as making great efforts on energy conservation and emission reduction, reducing exploitation, consumption and reliance to petroleum, natural and other underground resources; increasing investment, development and utilization to new energy and clean energy; establishing shifting mechanism and space of various countries in the world to pollutants on the earth surface and in the air scientifically; reducing construction area hardening roads, enlarging green area to make green vegetation and forest transform pollutants in the air and on the earth surface to purify the air and beautify the environment.

Quan Ruixian pointed out sincerely that, resources of the earth are owned by all mankind, the earth might not separate due to administrative partition of the countries in the world so that the valuable resources that Mother Earth endowed mankind should be shared and treasured. Development of earth resources should have a scientific and reasonable planning to be developed in a planned way. Predatory and destructive development should be restrained firmly. Only developing in a planned way can maximize energy conservation and emission reduction. Establishing peaceful, harmonious, clean, neat, orderly and ecological and environment-friendly human living environment for should be the common goal of the various countries and all mankind.

Promote the Public Power to Settle the Environmental Governance Problem

On September 27, 2016, 13th Forum of Chinese Scientists was opened solemnly in Great Hall of the People, of which Ms. Quan Ruixian attended on invitation. On the opening ceremony, she gave a subject report on “Analysis on Formation Causes of Flood Disasters in China 2016 and Governance Measures”. It was learned that, she won the “grand prize” on this scientist forum for the thesis about flood disaster she submitted.

In recent years, on many occasions, Quan Ruixian states her discoveries and research achievements on earthquake forecast, climatic abnormal changes and haze treatment to state leaders, leaders and experts of relevant units such as National Disaster Reduction Committee, Disaster Reduction Office of Ministry of Civil Affairs and State Meteorological Administration in high-end industrial professional conferences, forums and seminars to appeal to intensify research and governance to protect the social harmony.

On the basis of in-depth investigation and study, Quan Ruixian has written Thinking Mode of Innovating Earthquake Prediction, Jumping out of the Trap of Traditional Theory and Awake from the Sleep Talk That Earthquake Is Unpredictable, Analysis on the Main Problems in Urban and Rural Planning and Construction Since Reform and Opening up of China, Geological Disaster Reason Analysis and Measures and Significances of Treatment for Epicentral Areas in Southwest China, Measures and Suggestions for Haze Treatment, Thoughts on Sentence to Italian Earthquake Forecast Experts, of which some new ideas and measures have been absorbed by relevant government departments.

Quan Ruixian continuously enlarges her scope knowledge. In recent years, she has participated in international visit and survey activities repeatedly as a representative of excellent entrepreneur and specialized field researcher. In 2014, she joined in the delegation of Chinese entrepreneurs to visit France and Morocco for the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France, participated in Boao Forum for Asia and 28th International Career Women Conference of the United Nations held in Korea, exchange of Harvard University and West Point organized by Peking University and APEC Summit in Beijing. Particularly in July 2014, for 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Brazil, Quan Ruixian joined in the delegation of Chinese entrepreneurs to visit Brazil in which she met President Xi Jinping and other state leaders and took group photos.

Many people who are familiar with Ms. Quan Ruixian know that she had paid a great deal of time and energy for study on earthquake forecast and climatic anomaly changes. She has been engaged in real estate industry. In consideration of high carbon emission, occupation of land and other factors, she decisively changed her career. In her view, scientific research requires single-mindedness and focus and anything is impossible without these. For over a decade, she has been advancing on this rugged way. Although she has gone through ups and downs, hardship and tears, she still has presented her unique, abundant, sharp and rigorous academic view points and research achievements to common people with her rigorous and meticulous exploration spirit, open and practical scientific attitude and further highlighted depth and connotation of disciplinary study.


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