RebrandPress 2.0 Allows Users To Manage And Turn Their Old WordPress Backend Into A Completely Personalized Branded Dashboard

The powerful RebrandPress 2.0 gives the power to take control of the WordPress Dashboard of your themes and products and allows you to rebrand them as you like. RebrandPress 2.0 allows you to turn your simple, plain old WP backend and attracts your customers with a totally adapted renowned Dashboard.  This plugin comes with significant additional features that can help you customize and control your dashboard easily.

It is powerful and it is loaded with special features, and also it is a top selling WordPress plugin, which allows you to personalize your WordPress set up with the branding of your theme, service or product. It also comes with advanced features that you have enjoyed on the previous version of RebrandPress.

RebrandPress 2.0 Plugin is a top selling WordPress Plugin that comes with advanced features, which allows you to modify your WordPress install with the trademarking of your service or product.

Complete WordPress Rebrand Potential: This plugin gives you full power to control your WordPress Dashboard , and allows you change your login screen setup, allows you to include bright color schemes, Show & Hide dashboard sections and offers several other outstanding features.

Automatically Generates All of the Webpags: This RebrandPress 2.0 plugin gives you the opportunity to create all pages automatically for all your websites, including About Page, Legal Pages, Contact Page and more. You don’t need to install any extra theme, using this plugin you can generate all webpages automatically. 

Automatically Deletes DWR (Default WordPress References): With this plugin, you can make the customized WordPress dashboard on your services and products. This plugin gives you the capacity to personalize your WP dashboard and allows you to remove all WP references, including pages, posts, and comments.

Complete Control of User Choices: Control, Select and set capacity for multiple users or a single user that has admission to the WP install dashboard of your service or product.

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Installs Numerous Plugins at Once: This product allows you to install various WordPress plugins, including URLs and Zip folders that can improve your product performance.

Add Multiple Blank Posts, Categories, and Pages: With this RebrandPress 2.0 you can now include numerous categories that match your products, posts and blank pages which you can update them easily at any time.

Color Scheme Options: The RebrandPress 2.0 gives you the ability to change your dashboard and allows you to match your own service or product. With this color scheme option, you can create an attractive WordPress Dashboard.

Install Several Themes at Once: With this plugin, you can install several themes at a time on your dashboard and Install them accordingly and make them accessible to select users, a strong feature to completely assure a great user experience.

Rebrand Press 2.0 is perfect for:

– Local Consultants

– Web Designers

– Product Vendors

– WP Membership Sites

– Freelancers

– Marketers


With this plugin you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to the web developers, spend several hours to change the WordPress, you don’t need to have any technical skills, and no coding is required and no need of complicated technical things. All that you need to do is a just plugin and get started.

For more detail, you could see RebrandPress plugin review and demo here.

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