ROI2 Partners Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Introduce the “World Football Trifecta Leagues” to the Fantasy Football Market

Chicago, Illinois – ROI2 Partners, a company that developed a new template for fantasy sports leagues, announced today the first edition of its rules and league management tools for World Football Trifecta Leagues. The company also announced its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with a goal to raise $50,000 and support the start of 1,000+ leagues during the upcoming postseason in professional football.

Using the tagline, “professional football analysis for the horse race enthusiast,” the first edition of the rules for the World Football Trifecta Leagues simulates horse racing. Each league pits six to ten players, called “Analysts,” against each other in weekly “pick three” contests to predict the outcomes of professional football games. The players adopt thoroughbred names and “home teams” that determine the games from which to pick three winners in the week. A league then divides a professional football league’s regular season into four races, dubbed “The Quaternary Crown,” each lasting four to five weeks. The four Crown races utilize different point systems to reward players whose picks are correct, but that also meet the specific race criteria for extra points. The points then translate into “horse lengths” that determine who is the winning analyst.

In addition the Crowns, there are two season-ending competitions to hold players’ interests over the entire season: an Analyst of the Year award for the most accurate prognosticator during the regular season and a postseason World Football Analyst Championship for the most accurate picks in the postseason. Each race is distinct so that players are not eliminated by mid-season and all analyst-players remain engaged in the competitions of sports analysis until season-end. 

The company developed and published its fantasy football league rules online during the past three years (see: “The standard office and pick ’em pools have not seen the kind of innovation and technological support that player-based fantasy football has witnessed in the past twenty years,” said Joe Wycoff, head of the family-owned business. “The pools, however, have limited appeal because participants are required to study and pick every game in every week of the entire season regardless of their familiarity with football in general or the individual teams.” 

To address this barrier to adoption for pick ’em leagues, the home teams of the Analysts determine the games from which players pick winners each week. This is the most significant departure from standard fantasy football leagues in which participants draft players for fantasy teams. Mr. Wycoff added, “We believe there is a segment of the market for fantasy football that wants to get back to watching football games and rooting for home teams rather than reading individual player stats, injury reports and data from predictive models.”

Consequently, ROI2 Partners envisions the first edition of its league rules as a template for additional versions of its concept for fantasy sports leagues. For instance, an international professional football league such as a premier soccer league with thirty-eight matches may be divided into three “grand tour” cycling races among the analyst-players. The company is already developing a “Football Game of the Year” edition of its rules to simulate a professional football game, rather than horse racing. The “Football Game of the Year” edition will be a fantasy game in which the pick-three competitions take place over four weeks of the regular season as if each week is one of four quarters in a football game.

To contribute to the Kickstarter campaign to launch the first edition of its rules and technology for league management, please visit

“We hope other families, friends, and coworkers will enjoy a true novelization of the standard office pool pick ’em format for professional football games,” Mr. Wycoff shared. “We have found that the general rules allow hard core and casual professional football fans to gather information for picks in their own way and to adopt different strategies suited to their interests in the select games of the week. In the Winners’ Circle we maintain for our league, eight of nine Analysts have won at least one race in the past two and a half years.” 

ROI2 Partners is a family-owned business operating in Chicago, Illinois. The company has developed the World Football Trifecta Leagues over the past three years and manages the distribution of league rules and tools. The rules and information necessary to start new leagues are freely available at

Disclaimer: ROI2 Partners does not take bets, award prizes, or approve the use of its fantasy league format for the purposes of gambling.

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