New Graphic Novel YIFFING IN HELL:EPISODE I-SECRET REUNION IN CARFAX LODGE Stretches the Limits of Imagination

Cuernavaca, Mexico – On November 30 2016, mexican artist Geladaa/Pablo Rincón launched a Kickstarter campaign for YIFFING IN HELL: EPISODE I-SECRET REUNION IN CARFAX LODGE; a furious, kaleidoscopic graphic novel to end this wicked world! In this visual novel contemporary art meets science fiction in an unforgettable way, destroying the wall between one work of fiction and another. Destroying the wall between fiction and what we call reality.

“In the far distant future, an artificial wolf; a fugitive once revered as a hero across the stars, steals a world and bleeds it to fuel the production of… an endless series of illusions; a bridal gift for his high school sweetheart”. The creator explains, “Occult lore, low and highbrow art from the four corners of history, ancient myth, epic poetry, science fiction and more clash and frame a romance between two man-made demons.”

Here is a book that won´t stay still long enough for you to wrap your mind around it. Following in the tradition of films such as “2001 Space Odyssey” and “Mulholland Drive” and comics like “The Airtight Garage” and “Little Nemo in Slumberland”, YIFFING IN HELL: EPISODE I – SECRET REUNION IN CARFAX LODGE presents, over the course of nearly 300 pages filled with exuberant fantasy visions and cryptic text, a strange narrative involving terraforming and identity theft in a world that has been transformed into a dream by near-omnipotent technology.

Stretching and breaking the limits of imagination, this futuristic fairytale attempts to weave all the data/culture/trash/treasure we have amassed, all the stories and all tropes together into ONE terrifying whole, at once frighteningly coherent and maddeningly cacophonic.

“For the price of admission, you get a sumptuously visual trip into database culture, however, the book is designed to keep expanding in scope and complexity indefinitely as the reader invests time in it depths,” claims the author. “YIFFING IN HELL: EPISODE I – SECRET REUNION IN CARFAX LODGE is LIVE on Kickstarter right now, seeking funds to go to print. Help it succeed and reach its yearning audience!”

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.


Pablo Rincón still clings to the pseudonym he came up for himself while struggling in art school. It is a gesture of affection towards that stubborn fool that set out to create true art or die trying a decade ago. He is interested in the void behind all things and bridging worlds together. He wants to mess you up. 

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