Kanzaichi, a Shanghai-based first class food filming company with a flair for capturing the purest, most pristine essence of world class food, continues to service restaurants, cafes, and bars across Shanghai with incredibly delicious and irresistible videos. Born from a passion for capturing the natural, eye-catching elements of a wide variety of food, KANZAICHI filmed over 30 Shanghai restaurants in 2016.

“We’ve entered an age of digital marketing and sharing, and as such, it’s incredibly important for publicity purposes to have videos, content, and graphics for social media sharing,” said Andrew Wang, Founder and Video Producer of KANZAICHI by RECQUIXIT. “We’re not just in business to make restaurants fancy videos; we want to contribute to the growth and expansion of food venue’s online presence.”

KANZAICHI has covered the top restaurants and award-winning venues in Shanghai. The agency has garnered a considerable reputation for their quick, high quality, high resolution, and high-converting video production. Additionally, KANZAICHI is bilingual, making digital creation possible for any restaurant owner in Shanghai.

“We want to be bilingual so not a single restaurant in the Shanghai area is alienated from our services,” said Wang. “We can’t stress enough how important it is to create a digital footprint today. Almost everyone surveys a restaurant’s website, digital menu, and social media presence before selecting them. Imagine greeting these prospective consumers with a mouth-watering video? Check out our services and capabilities today.”

Founded by Andrew Wang, a Taiwanese entrepreneur raised in Bangkok and Los Angeles, KANZAICHI is built upon Wang’s 10+ years in the digital marketing and production industry.

Kanzaichi’s past video productions can be viewed and accessed from their website at

For more information, or to peruse their bilingual services today, visit: or

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Company Name: Kanzaichi
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