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Against diabetes, act today to change tomorrow

TEXAS – 12/6/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — When it comes to the topic of diabetes, it is usually talked about complications, symptoms, possible causes, statistics, etc. Today we decided to speak positively using the motto of World Diabetes Day 2016: “Act today to change tomorrow.”
It is true, there are risk factors that we can not change such as family history or age, but the good news is that there are factors that depend on us!

Healthy eating, proper weight according to your characteristics and an active lifestyle are your best allies to prevent diabetes.

Here are some easy-to-follow tips for you and your whole family:

• Increases the consumption of vegetables and fruits, it is recommended at least 5 servings a day, among other benefits they contribute you fiber, they have few calories and they give you satiety, in case there is little there is a great variety and many ways to prepare them.

• Take care of your portions! Without realizing it we are getting “accustomed” to larger portions, gradually reducing the quantities. Eating on smaller plates can help you achieve it. Try it!

• Eat slowly, at least 20 minutes at each meal, this helps the brain to record the satiety signal and so do not overeat.

• Never skip a meal time, you will only get your metabolism to slow down, which causes you to burn fewer calories, on the other hand complicates the management of blood glucose. So forget about not having breakfast or not having dinner.

• Include whole grains, we now know that this type of cereal is a great help to prevent diabetes. Since on the one hand they give us the energy we need, as well as certain vitamins such as complex B, indispensable for the good use of this energy and are also excellent source of fiber. In Bimbo we know the benefits of this type of cereal and we offer different bread options that are delicious as well like Bimbo Zero Zero, Bimbo Double Fiber, Bimbo Silhouette. Try them all and that way you give variety and flavor to your meals!

• Take care of the amount of fat you consume, using a coffee spoon when you are going to use oil and prefers preparations such as baking, steaming, roasting, etc. Avoid fried or shredded foods.

• Do not forget legumes like beans, chickpeas, beans, peas, etc. They are an excellent source of protein, fiber and low in fat. Combine them with the cereals to obtain good quality proteins.

• Make a “ritual” of each of your meal times, so you really appreciate what you are eating. Enjoying our food should be part of a healthy diet, if not, something is missing from your eating plan.

• Move on! If you really want to prevent diabetes and other diseases, exercise should be part of your life, 30 minutes a day can make a difference.

Do not wait to hear the bad news from your doctor, put your batteries in and act today by eating healthy and rich, incorporating exercise into your daily routine, moving more during the day and you will know that you are changing tomorrow to continue enjoying life at maximum


By Lourdes Boy López de la Cerda, Nutrition Coordinator for Grupo Bimbo

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