National Education Foundation (NEF) Announces $100 Million STEM grants to K-12 Schools for the 2017-18 School Year

NEF-SUNY National Academy Director, Dr. Anthony Betrus, working with Canton Students with a STEM+ Academy application project.

To bridge the significant STEM divide in the Nation’s Schools

WASHINGTON, DC – 12/6/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — National Education Foundation (NEF), the national non-profit leader in K-12 STEM+ education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Reading, IT, Business, Career Tech) in partnership with the State University of New York (SUNY), announces a significant national STEM initiative to provide world-class STEM+ education in academics and application to students of disadvantaged school districts/schools.

The grants help to fund the implementation of the results-based STEM+ academies in each school by the State University of New York (SUNY). During the 2015-16 school year, students in the program advanced a grade level in subjects like math in 25-30 learning hours, as documented by SUNY. See

Public schools, school districts, charter and parochial schools must have 35% or more students on free or reduced-cost meals to be eligible for these grants.

NEF provides an 80% matching grant amounting to $1,160 per student per year, and the schools pay 20% equal to $290 per student. This 20% can come from the school budget or other sources such as Adopt-A-School grants, (detailed information available at

Schools receive the following eight services: personalized learning for every student with top-rated STEM+ courses mapped to every state’s standards, stipends for teachers, state-of-the art learning management system, mentoring, motivational rewards including gift certificates, Minecraft etc., teacher professional development, job skills training for parents and tech support.

The program is very flexible, with 24/7 online course access that can be deployed by Teachers in the classroom, afterschool, or at home. Every student, teacher or parent, who successfully completes any course, receives a course completion certificate from the State University of New York, and possibly credits.

Highlighting the importance of the national initiative, Dr. Appu Kuttan, NEF Chairman and globally recognized STEM leader, stated, “U.S. students are currently ranked in the bottom 50% in math globally. For us to maintain our technology and economic leadership globally, we need to substantially improve STEM education, especially in our disadvantaged schools. That is why NEF and SUNY are making this significant investment in our schools and students.”

Interested school districts/schools can apply for grants at

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