Free Tools to Help Web Developers Make Android / iOS Apps Might Just Solve the World’s App Development Crisis

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – 12/6/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — As an increasing number of companies are seeking mobile developers to help them breach the attention of their target market, or are even building businesses entirely on the mere idea of an app, the current availability of skilled app developers still resides far below what’s required to meet demand.

Now, hybrid app development platform Aquro hopes to help alleviate this problem by helping the millions of modern web developers – those skilled in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – transition seamlessly into producing mobile apps.

This week, Aquro announced a new pricing model that would allow solo web developers to use their skills to develop, design, launch, and maintain mobile app projects without charge.  Free users are even able to send a number of push notifications and email communications to their app’s users each month.

“While we may not be the first platform of this type, we want to be the one that doesn’t focus solely on enterprise sales, ignoring the literal millions of web developers out there who can’t shell out for their first mobile development suite,” says Aquro CEO Stefan Thelberg.

The new pricing structure goes live Tuesday December 6th, 2016, and will be rolled out globally to users of the platform – there is no limit to the number of apps developers will be able to create using Aquro, regardless of whether they are paying customers or continue using the service completely free.

Through its new model, Aquro hopes to help bring a large, already-existing network of skilled tech minds into the fold, rather than forcing them to invest hundreds of hours into learning native app programming languages, or settling for simple drag and drop buildings aimed at lower-end consumers.

The platform itself combines visual aides and systems with user-written HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop apps that can simultaneously be published on both Android’s Google Play Store and iOS’ App Store.

Founded in 2016, Aquro is an app development platform that lets web and front-end developers use skills they’re already familiar with to create apps for Android and iOS devices.  In addition to aiding development, Aquro provides every developer with the use of data storage, app notification management, hosting, analytics.

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