Kayapo tribe in Brazil relies on Gofundme campaign to save their culture and Amazon forest

Kayapo is a small tribe in Brazilian Amazon that has turned to the crowdfunding platform Gofundme.com to save their ancient culture and art. The first goal of the campaign is to raise $5000 which will help the tribe to preserve their art and also save the natural rainforest treasure that affects the whole world. There is a shop on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/KayapoArt.com as well that sells authentic beaded jewelry developed by the Kayapo tribe itself, the profits earned from which go towards the development of the tribe and preserving their natural habitat.

The Kayapo tribe was living happily and not under threat until 30 years ago but in the past few years, the urban progress is affecting and threatening the kayapo’s way of living and the forests of Amazon too. The land though belongs to Kayapo tribe as per the Brazilian law, is now slowly taken over by loggers, ranchers, miners and planned infrastructure builders. They may create a serious threat of deforestation and the Kayapo tribe.

After observing these things, (i’m not happy with the words things…) the Kayapo tribe had to come out of their isolated living and find measures to stop this for preserving their culture and livelihood. The deforestation of Amazon forests will not only affect the Kayapo tribe but everyone on the planet earth as these forests are the basic need of life.

With the financial help received from the fundraising campaign, the Kayapo tribe will be able to mark their territory, have better access to agriculture and solar power resources for producing more food for their people. They will be able to provide a better education for their children so that they can understand the ways of a developed society and also work towards saving the culture, land, and traditions of their tribe.

The success of the campaign will ensure that Kayapo tribe is able to protect and preserve their centuries-old culture and also their natural home which provides life sources to so many animals and humans as well.

Oz Arie, the man behind the fundraising campaign came across Amazon forests while searching for a fruit named Jagua, to create temporary tattoos with. He went on to learn how this fruit is used by the local tribe which ultimately made him learn about the Kayapo tribe and their struggles to preserve their culture and home. He understood that Kayapo way of living is much different to the lifestyle of outside capitalist world which is why he decided to help them in saving their culture. More information about the crowdfunding campaign can be found on https://www.gofundme.com/helpkayapo

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