New Patent-pending Stress-reduction CD/MP3 to Use While Driving

December 6, Upton, MA – Airy Melody Music is proud to announce a revolutionary new CD/MP3:  Happy Driving Stress Reduction.  This patent-pending product is designed to alleviate stress and anxiety, and make drivers alert, mindful, serene and entertained while they drive!

“Our focus groups report they are more focused and actually de-stress … even while driving in Boston rush-hour traffic! They arrive at their destinations feeling happier and calmer,” reports Sarah Freeman, owner of Airy Melody Music. 

Happy Driving Stress Reduction is a perfect gift for commuters, truck drivers, or parents who spend a lot of time in their car. It features narratives with patent-pending techniques developed to practice mindfulness and reduce stress and anxiety while driving a car or truck.  These
 narratives are set to variety of background music (acoustic piano and guitar; rhythm and blues; Americana; and classical guitar) written and performed by musicians from all over the world. 

As an added bonus, it has two humorous R&B songs and classical guitar selections recorded with some of Boston’s most talented studio musicians.

In addition to Happy Driving Stress Reduction, Airy Melody Music has worked with Boston doctors and musicians for over 20 years to create popular relaxation/healing audio recordings in English and Portuguese for children and adults. Used in homes and hospitals, these CDs help listeners relax, fall asleep, sleep through the night, and heal. Airy Melody also offers free relaxation downloads on their web site, some of which were developed to help people deal with holiday and election stress.

“Customers who have benefited from our relaxation CDs repeatedly requested a CD that was appropriate for driving,” states Freeman. “We spent two years developing stress-reduction narratives for driving, and selected upbeat background music from around the world.” 

Happy Driving Stress Reduction is available on  Amazon,   iTunes,   Google Play  and other stores. Learn more about this stress-reduction CD at  Make sure took to look for Happy Driving Stress Reduction using the full name, as there are games with similar names in these stores.

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