Kickass Top Quality Synology VPS Platform

Robert Groenendijk, a Dutch IT entrepreneur and Synology specialist, is seeking $36,873 in pledges by Dec. 14 to finance his Synology VPS Platform. So far, he has obtained $10.86 from one backer.

“I have always loved the Synology brand and the great products they are developing,” Groenendijk said. He is the owner of Ja! ICT, a Dutch company with more than eight years of experience in ICT support for small businesses and home users.

“At first we only supported traditional IT environment but we are now heading to a more niche market doing what we love,” Groenendijk said. “We believe that in the near future all of our customers run on Synology and that this is our core business.”

Groenendijk’s pledge campaign has 13 levels of pledges with rewards valued between €2 and €300 (approx. $2.17 and $326 USD). The rewards include a handwritten thank-you card, a VirtualSynology Keychain, and 1TB of online backup.

”With a large variability of customers we are a growing and healthy business and we love to give our customers something extra,” Groenendijk said.

The business customer will be able to use the Synology Rackstations as high-grade data backup for their company.

“Some users will only use it as a simple file back-up, other also for their VMware and Hyper snapshot solutions,” according to Groenendijk. “With VirtualSynology you will be able to perform an offsite secure back-up of all your vulnerable data. Transferring your data with a VPN connection is as safe as it is meant to be.” 

The home user will be able to do more than stream music and videos to their television, but will be able to manage family photos and other personal data efficiently.

“The VirtualSynology solution is designed to deliver high performance virtual software solutions which are powered by the Synology hardware,” Groenendijk said. “The main task of this platform is to deliver ready-to-use virtual Synology instances to users. It will also be possible to order other hosted services; fast and easy.”

Go to for more information and to make a pledge. For additional information about Groenendijk’s company, look up online.

“Our platform is designed to auto process your order and deliver to you the up and running ‘ready to go’ environment,” Groenendijk said. “Order, pay and you receive within a few moments your ‘ready to go’ environment! Secured payment by Credit Card, PayPal and more is possible. VirtualSynology does not obligate you to a long term contract. Pay as you go. Nothing more, nothing less.” has been an online platform since 2009 for people who want to promote and raise startup capital for their creative ideas.

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