Thomas W. Jacobsen, Has Penned A New Book on the Subject

US – 06 Dec, 2016 Thomas Jacobsen has an impressive academic record. Having dedicated a great part of his life to unveiling the archeological treasures of Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean region, he oversaw the report of those findings in numerous volumes published by Indiana University Press.  He also taught at Indiana-Bloomington for 26 years.

When his academic career ended with his retirement, Jacobsen decided to move to New Orleans. The city’s atmosphere, coupled with his interest in jazz which dated back to his teenage years, led him to assume a new role: that of an astute observer of the city’s fabled jazz scene.  With his articles on jazz appearing in a variety of jazz magazines and periodicals, Jacobsen felt the urge to make a lasting contribution in the field of music journalism by authoring a series of books on the recent history of jazz in New Orleans.

Jacobsen published his first book, Traditional New Orleans Jazz: Conversations With The Men That Make The Music, in 2011, wherein he hosts intimate discussions with veteran musicians and up-and-coming talent that elicits honest, witty, and sometimes controversial dialogue devoted to the perpetuation of the music inspired by the city’s pioneer jazzmen.

Three years later, Jacobsen penned The New Orleans Jazz Scene, 1970-2000: A Personal Retrospective, a timeline of the resurgence of the New Orleans jazz scene during the last 30 years of the 20th century. He chronicles local developments culminating with the flourishing decade of the 1990s and weaves them into the larger context of the national jazz scene, interspersing his personal experiences and photographic archives with facts gathered through his research.

In his latest book, The New Orleans Jazz Scene Today: A Guide To The Musicians, Live Jazz Venues, And More, Jacobsen recounts the scene’s rise from the ruins of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, along with its evolutionary course at the dawn of the 21st century.  He shows how the city rivals New York as a mecca for hearing live jazz and how it has become a nationally recognized center of jazz education, continuing to produce artists of international standing.  The Los Angeles Jazz Scene has called the book “indispensable for those traveling to jazz’s birthplace.”

Jacobsen remains active in jazz journalism and book authorship, archiving his work on his personal website. Since 2014, he has relocated in St. Louis, where he lives with his wife, Sharyn, to be closer to their youngest grandchildren.

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