The Coffee Caddie – A KickStarter Campaign

Trevor Thurow of Austin, Texas is seeking $25,000 by Dec. 18 in his pledge drive designed to promote his new Coffee Caddie idea. With 18 days to go, Thurow has been given $ 7,444 by 22 backers.

“Even though I haven’t always built furniture for a living, it seems like my circumstances always led me back to my passion for building and design,” Thurow said. “After college I attended a trade school where I received a degree in building custom furniture.”

Thurow’s coffee caddie idea is constructed of wood (walnut) and designed to carry multiple cups of coffee: 6-cup and 8-cup designs. Also, he will be offering coasters and a decorative, crescent-shaped wine bottle display, both fashioned from wood. The caddie will be sold online at

Thurow stated his coffee caddie was made to replace the cardboard cup carriers you get in stores or from a theater concession area.

There are eight levels of pledges with rewards valued between $1 and $2,000. Rewards vary between pledge levels and include coaster, crescent-shaped wine displays, and 6-cup and 8-cup caddies.

“The original Coffee Caddie that was designed for my wife, and she continues to carry it every day,” Thurow said. “After two years, it still looks and operates like new.”

His wife no longer has coffee spill stains in her car from carrying multiple cups to people in her office. People became very interested in her caddie, even taking pictures of it.

“Over the years custom coffee and drink orders have become very popular, but nothing has ever been done to help you transport them,” according to Thurow. “The Coffee Caddie is designed with the perfect dimensions to hold multiple sized cups without them wiggling around or spilling.” 

The design is 10 inches by 6.125 inches tall; the length varies according the type, six or eight cups. Another feature will be customization. The handle is designed to lower into the box when set down and extends when the caddie is lifted. A customer can order his caddie with his/her name imprinted on the side, or the name of their company.

“I love the faces of my clients when I deliver a piece of furniture designed uniquely for them,” Thurow said, “and I am just as excited to reveal The Coffee Caddie design to each of you. My hope is that its unique design can make your lives easier in more ways than one.”

Go to for more information or to make a pledge. More detail and visuals of the caddie can be found at Thurow’s website, is an online platform that allows people to promote and raise start-up capital for their creative ideas. 

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