make it easy for Skating enthusiasts to build their own scooter

With the winter break just around the corner, attention is turning to what to get the kids for Christmas. believes that it has the solution for parents who are struggling to come up with good ideas. The online skater retailer has launched its custom builder, a tool customers can use to build a one-of-a-kind scooter.

How It Works

The concept behind the scooter builder is relatively straightforward. Customers choose from a selection of scooter parts on the company’s website through the builder menu. The first stage is to select the deck that you want – the deck being the part of the scooter you stand on. The next is to choose the headset, forks, compression system, grips, wheels, bearings and so on. In each category, there are an enormous number of choices from a variety of manufacturers. It means that the chances that the scooter you buy will be the same as somebody else’s is very low indeed. In effect, you’re ordering a bespoke product, built around your own preferences. As you put together your scooter, it’ll come to life in a preview window beside the scooter builder menu.

Custom scooters are a reality thanks to the fact that they are built around a set of agreed upon standards. Each deck, for instance, is compatible with a range of headsets, compression systems, and wheels. In this respect, scooters are a little bit like modern bicycles. All frames adhere to certain standards, making them compatible with modern componentry.

Once you’ve finished putting together all the parts that you want on your custom scooter, you can then add them to your basket and check out. Then the folks at Skates will get on with putting your custom scooter together.

According to Skates’ website, there will be times when a scooter is not fully customisable. This usually happens when some parts are not incompatible with others. There will also be times when a part is simply no longer available, in which case you’ll be redirected to a part that is.

When your scooter arrives, the bars will be packaged flat next to the rest of the scooter. Then it’s just a matter of using the supplied Allen key to tighten the handlebars onto the stem.

Bonuses And Extras

Currently, Skates are advertising a free custom scooter bonus pack with every scooter built worth over £40. This includes a helmet, tools, stickers and a stand for putting the scooter away neatly in the garage.

Over the Christmas period, the company is also offering extended returns. Customers are permitted to return scooters that they don’t want up until 16th January 2017. UK and worldwide delivery options are available.

What Customers Think

You might think that building and customising your own scooter would take a long time. But this isn’t the case according to customers. One customer notes that the “whole transaction took about 5 minutes from start to finish.” Another notes that there was “great communication” and that “delivery was swift.”

Skates’ custom scooter builder is in the scooter section of the company’s website.

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