Certified Engineers Recover Lost Data with a new Platinum Data Recovery Service

What’s the biggest fear of today’s top institutions and companies? It’s that they might lose their valuable data. But thanks to companies like Platinum, that worry might be about to go away.

Platinum Data Recovery is a company that specializes in hard drive data recovery. It works with all different forms of storage, including regular mechanical hard drives as well as more modern forms, like SSD and Flash. It means that no matter what type of storage a company uses, Platinum has a recovery plan in place.

How Does The Data Recovery System Work?

To those of us who are uninitiated, bringing a defunct hard drive back from the dead can seem like magic. But Platinum Data Recovery has developed the tools to make it happen. The process starts in the bowels of the company’s ISO 5 Class 100 clean room. Here, malfunctioning hard drives are opened up, and their innard revealed. The drives themselves mustn’t be exposed to any contamination from particulate matter otherwise data could be lost permanently.

Once the hardware is in the clean room, Platinum Data Recovery applies a cocktail of software programs. These programs are designed to recover data from the brink of deletion. Some of this software is provided by the company’s third party suppliers. Others are made in-house by the company’s own experts. So far, the software has proven a success. The company has a 95 percent data recovery rate during its fifteen years of operation.

Manufacturers Covered

It doesn’t matter what brand of storage its customers use, Platinum offers recovery solutions for all of them. These include Western Digital, Samsung, Maxtor and a host of others. There’s also coverage for businesses who operate their hard drives in various RAID configurations or who have had RAID issues.

Platinum know how important data are to its customers. That’s why turnaround is relatively rapid. What’s more, the company offers a range of service options depending on how quickly customers need their data back. These services range from eight hours to seven days.

Requesting A Quote

Platinum Data Recovery encourages customers to get a quote in advance of any work being carried out on their drive. There’s a form on the company’s website where customers give details specific to their particular problem. Once submitted, the company gets back to them within three business hours with a price.

What The Customers Say

Platinum Data Recovery has had some rather prestigious customers during its time in operation. Perhaps most notable of all is the United States Senate. Paul Strauss, United States Senator for the District of Columbia, had a technical problem with his equipment. He writes that he had a problem that “[Platinum Data Recovery] was able to resolve with a great speed and wonderful results.”

The company has also been used by Universal Studios to fix one of their problems. The director of Universal Studios wrote, that “Platinum was able to recover 100% of my data and I was back in business planning and scheduling by pre-summer projects.”

You can find out more about Platinum on their website.


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