GTR Cloud Computing Rate Technology Sweeps the World with the Potential to Change the Internet

The progress of information and technology has been supporting the transformation from the industrial world to the intelligent world, and the rapid growth in various network technologies has created the potential for omnipresent connections. In 2009, digital currency, a famous product of modern civilization, came into being and connected the global community through network links, indicating the arrival of a strong period for virtual currency. 

In 2014, the breakout year for digital currency, all types of digital products experienced brutal market competition and more and more people began to use digital currency in various consumption scenarios. With the development of the market, the requirements for privacy, security and intelligent operation of digital currency are increasing. However, digital currencies in the present market are using leased mining machines to mine digital currency. 

Traditional mining machines obtain virtual currency based on the computing power of the CPU memory or GPU video card in the computer. The higher the computing power, the higher the possibility of obtaining the digital currency and vice versa. The mechanical operation and the problems experienced with it can’t meet the needs of society. Our society is crying for a higher quality, safer, more intelligent way to revolutionize the existing model. 

Ginorra is an Australian giant in the digital industry. In 2016, after several years of careful study, our leading technical team and actuaries from different countries finally succeeded in launching the core mathematical technique known as “GTR Cloud Computing Rate” that astonished the internet community. 

GTR Cloud Computing Rate technology can provide high speed support for the sharing, integration, mining and analysis of large amounts of data. It can achieve the computational power of 10 trillion operations per second; superior computing power to obtain large amounts of digital currency. With guaranteed security and big data thinking to overcome the traditional development model, a new concept of digital currency technology service has been launched. 

As the leader in bringing “Cloud Computing Rate” into the field of digital currency, Ginorra fundamentally understands the importance of cloud computing rate for mining digital currency. “The company uses quicker, stronger and more powerful cloud computing devices as the core to obtain instant transaction data on different crypto-currencies and carry out second-by-second analysis. It instantly judges the range of fluctuations, breaks through the original barriers, avoids the repeated construction of data and achieves the industry holy grail of a maximum delay of 1.897 seconds. Efficient, intelligent is achieved on the premise of judging the quality of digital blocks intelligently.” 

Ginorra sets high standards for its security and service teams in order to provide more scientific and ecological service to customers, with diversified on-demand mechanisms, convenient maintenance, energy saving, and a more efficient green operation system. The team conducts security penetration testing daily to fully explore the vulnerabilities of the system, discover the threats faced by the system and deal with issues before they happen. Meanwhile, Ginorra often organizes internal red and blue team competitions to test the security of the system, with the security monitoring, operation and maintenance team as the red team, and the penetration testing team as the blue team. It is just such severe requirements that ensure there are no security incidents in the operation and maintenance of Ginorra. 

Ginorra’s exclusive GTR Technology can also obtain massive data using intelligent leverage in each mainstream mining pool around the world, enabling users to conveniently participate in financial games of billions of levels in a short time. With the constant improvement of the level of digitization and intelligence, Ginorra will integrate the intelligence, convenience and security of the digital era to draw a clear road map for the development of digital currency. 

With the intellectual world subverting traditional industries, efficient intelligence impacting artificial mining, cloud computing rate technology integrating into digital wealth, and a top international operations team combined with a management funding pool of $ 2 billion, Ginorra will put an end to the traditional digital currency era and lead the world into the digital intelligent era! 

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