Truckers Nearby: A New Dating App Specifically for Truckers

Plantation, FL— While there are many dating sites and apps on the internet, you will find very few which allow singles to meet truckers. Trucker dating may seem like an unusual dynamic, but it is currently the largest overlooked segment of online dating. Given the long hours and travel associated with the job, Truckers Nearby is hoping to unite truckers dating who have been sold short by typical dating experiences.

Truckers Nearby is a service created by First Beat Media and is offered in the form of a website and mobile app. The mobile app is the most popular form and is available on both Apple and Android platforms. This app not only allows truck drivers find potential matches, but also helps them stay in contact with these matches after the initial meeting.

The Truckers Nearby App is designed much like the popular dating app Tinder. Every time a user logs onto the app, they are immediately met by several other user profiles. The profiles that are visible are dependent on the user’s individual search preferences. After quickly seeing a new profile, users can view the potential match’s information and photos. In the event the user is not interested in the profile, they physically swipe left on the screen to remove the profile from a list of potential matches.

If the user is interested in the profile and wishes to make a match, they simply swipe right on the screen. In the event the swiped person also swipes right on the original user’s profile, the app will create a formal match. This formal match allows the two users to immediately contact one another and begin building a lasting online relationship.

Truckers Nearby is proud to offer the services of their website and mobile app for free. This is clearly an answer to ineffective dating sites that require monthly fees, some of which discretely increase over time. In a world where consumers are constantly worried about being the victims of product fraud, Truckers Nearby users can rest easy knowing that this app will never attempt to take advantage of them financially.

Overall, Truckers Nearby is proving to be a hit dating service for truck drivers across the United States. The quality of Truckers Nearby and its free price tag are just some of the reasons why this app is currently one of the most popular on the online market.

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