Update: New Mobile Game, “Freaking Shapes” is Addictive Fun for Kids and Adults

Many of the most compelling and addictive games are those based on simple concepts combined with increasingly greater challenges. In the footsteps of games like “Angry Birds” and “Fruit Ninja” comes one of the most exciting mobile games in years, “Freaking Shapes.” “Freaking Shapes” challenges players to determine if a shape will fit a particular hole. Players must make these determinations within .75 seconds or less; in later stages the shapes also rotate.

Developed by CodeMyWorld, “Freaking Shapes” offers hours of breathtaking fun for kids and adults. There is a children’s version which has a variable time period (from one to 10 seconds) and the option of eliminating shape rotation. This simple game is also a powerful educational tool for young children, which introduces them to visual analysis and helps develop reaction times. Players can challenge friends and seek to top their competitors on the leaderboard. “Freaking Shapes” is available in two versions for adults in AppStore and Google Play, and kids in AppStore and Google Play.

The most appealing aspect of “Freaking Shapes” is the basic aspect of matching colorful shapes with the appropriate outline. This simple task becomes more difficult as the shapes become more complex and the response time is diminished. The increasing challenges ensure that players are constantly tested and entertained, compelling them to return to “Freaking Shapes” time and again to surpass their previous high score or their friends’. To learn more about “Freaking Shapes” and to download the app, please visit http://www.codemyworld.com/freaking-shapes/

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Company Name: Freaking Shapes
Contact Person: Andu Morie
Email: andumorie@gmail.com
Country: United States
Website: http://www.codemyworld.com/freaking-shapes