Bryson and Melissa Johnson, Creators of The Stryker Pro Reveal Fitness Program That Incorporates Martial Arts On Business Innovators Radio

Creators of the Stryker Pro Fitness Program, Bryson and Melissa Johnson, were featured guests on Business Innovators Radio with host Mark Imperial talking about how to get fit using Stryker Pro Fitness.

On a recent episode of Business Innovators Radio with Mark Imperial, Bryson and Melissa Johnson, creators of the Stryker Pro Fitness Program, discussed how to get fit using Stryker Pro Fitness.

According to the Johnsons, martial arts training is one of the most proven and effective ways to get fit, however many people don’t have the access to a quality academy. Many more folks’ schedules won’t accommodate an academy’s class schedule, so a better solution was needed.

Bryson Johnson said, “we created this product called Stryker Pro which allows us to actually teach people all over the country and to start a movement to get people in the family…mom, dad, the kids, in their living room training with our videos…so that we can have a wider reach and make a bigger impact.”

When host Mark Imperial asked, “Tell me what Stryker Pro is and who is it for?” Bryson answered, “I can teach anyone to do it. You don’t have to be a martial artist, you don’t have to have any experience. We take you from the very beginning and teach you different techniques…I created a system that incorporates targets on a pole, it’s portable. It’s similar to, we call it a portable punching bag. ” Bryson goes on to say that, “Mom and Dad or the kids, they can pull it out of the closet and roll it back and they have their training, which we believe is very important. We know that when people train together they’re more likely to stick with it and have a great support system.”

During the Interview Bryson shared some of what makes Stryker Pro different, explaining, “The most unique part of it is the resistance banded targets. They can be adjustable. It can do a free spin, and it’s light impact. It kind of changes the paradigm or the though process behind impact training or combat training, or the high impact heavy bag type of work. Of course that is very important when you’re training to be a boxer or something, but when I looked at this, having the ability to do a lot of the different techniques and have a low impact on the body, I can teach anyone to do it. You don’t have to be a martial artist, and you don’t have to have any experience. We take you from the very beginning and teach you different techniques.”

Stryker Pro Fitness users are already reporting results.

“…a better workout as I’m able to strike harder for a longer period of time without impact pain. It’s a well conceived and versatile piece of equipment.”  – Lana

“Mr. And Mrs. Johnson are great instructors!  Their passion for teaching and martial arts is evident in how they run their school!” – Tanya

“I’m so glad this product is at my house, i can defintely get the target practice i need.” – Stephen, a Black Belt Expert User

Bryson and Melissa Johnson are Tae Kwon Do Black Belts, academy owners in Cary, North Carolina, and the creators of the Stryker Pro Fitness Program.

The interview concluded with Bryson saying this about martial arts teaching, “It’s really that balance between the pen and the sword where we don’t want to just be fighters, but we want to actually improve our communities and we want to be smart and we want to help others. It’s just this all-inclusive good family type of benefit. Everyone benefits from the martial arts.”

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