AddisonsDisease.Net Founder Reaches 15 Years Adrenal Crisis Free

PRINCETON, NJ – 12/6/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — AddisonsDisease.Net and Teleplexus, Inc. announces a wellness milestone for our founder to inspire and give hope to those suffering with Addison’s disease. Our founder has remained adrenal crisis free for over 15 years despite having no adrenal function of any kind. Jerry Butler was asked for a brief statement on this important achievement: “While personally elated, it’s important to note that going this length of time without hospitalization is something for everyone to celebrate for two reasons: The first is that those with Addison’s and complete primary adrenal insufficiency can live a healthy life if their Addison’s is properly managed. Secondly, it’s another great example how AddisonsDisease.Net is part of the emerging modern healthcare economy because it plays a critical role in keeping people free from hospitalization by hopefully avoiding the dangers or adrenal crisis in the first place. Many of my fellow members have also remained adrenal crisis and hospital free. The most satisfying thing for me is the health and wellness of my fellow members and innovation toward more healthcare options for everyone in the future.”

Addison’s Disease occurs when a person’s adrenal glands do not produce enough of the hormone cortisol and, in some cases, the hormone aldosterone. For this reason, the disease is sometimes called chronic adrenal insufficiency, or hypocortisolism. The discovery and treatment of the disease has also been characterized by some as one of medicine’s greatest achievements in that a patient who has the disease and is hospitalized near-death can make a meaningful recovery if diagnosed and treated in time.

About AddisonsDisease.Net – AddisonsDisease.Net is a pioneer and leader in direct international online Addison’s disease support for over 14 years and has been featured in the past on CBS radio: To learn more about AddisonsDisease.Net in member’s own words you can visit their site.

About Teleplexus, Inc. – TELEPLEXUS is a pioneer in social health networking with AddisonsDisease.Net, the inventor of Hospitalsure and the repository for select digital media properties for the emerging modern healthcare economy.

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