Syoptek offers a variety of fiber optic cleaning items for worldwide clients

Syoptek has brought out accessories to ensure thorough cleaning of fiber optic networks. It also offers tailor-made tool kit assembly service to customers.

Fiber optic networks need thorough cleaning and maintenance so as to continue smooth functioning in all conditions. There are many companies that are specialized in producing specially designed cleaning equipment so as to keep various fiber optic components in good shape. Syoptek International Limited is one such company which is involved in producing varieties of passive fiber optic components to ensure smooth working of communication networks based on fiber optic technology. It is always committed to provide first-class equipment that can deliver unbeatable performance of highest standards. The specialized R&D staffs always adopt stringent quality control measures in every stage of production. It always prioritizes diverse requirements of customers while supplying genuine products at fixed prices.

The agency is a dedicated supplier of One Click Cleaner which is an easy to use option for cleaning connectors in adapters. This cleaning item uses the mechanical push action to advance an optical grade cleaning tape while the cleaning tip is rotated so as to ensure that the fiber end-face is gently and effectively cleaned. It is a must have cleaning tool for field technicians to keep the adaptors and connectors in a stable condition. This product normally features ergonomic, comfortable design with single action cleaning as well as precise mechanical action to deliver consistent cleaning results and so on. The company helps in performing various fiber optic application jobs quite effectively to meet the varying needs of telecom operators.

Syoptek offers a variety of fiber optic cleaning items for worldwide clients

The company provides a full cost-effective fiber optic cleaning inspection product line, which safely and efficiently clean the connectors of fiber optic networks without affecting basic functioning at all. The most notable device in this category is Smart Cleaner MPO that employs specially designed micro-fibers for optical connectors to remove even the smallest contamination not visible to the naked eye. The device is easy to operate without any special technical knowledge and skill. This equipment can also be used to clean plugs at ease. The company is quite capable to build a custom fiber optic tool kit to the exact requirements of the customers.

The other notable equipment, which belongs to the fiber optic cleaning kit series of this company, is Optical Connector Cleaner NEOCLEAN-R2 that wipes away contaminants from optical connector end-face with ease. The cleaning tape of this device does not produce dust and provides special cleaning strength while resisting foreign particles to mix into the tape. The main body surface of this device also features anti-static material.

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Syoptek International Limited is a specialized producer of high quality fiber optic cleaning items for various fiber optic applications. All these products are quality certified and the firm ensures timely delivery of orders in good conditions. For more information, customers can visit the official website of this company.

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