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Xanthelasma is a rare but unpleasant health condition. It appears in the form of yellowish patches usually surrounding one’s eyes. These patches are small deposits of cholesterol that indicate that the person is suffering from some type of triglyceride circulation disorder. From now on, every person who develops this condition has a chance to learn all about it from the website xanthelasmatreatment.com.

The resource does not only offer a highly detailed guide regarding the condition and its treatment. It also provides one with an opportunity to purchase a high-quality cream, Xanthel. Designed specifically for the purpose of combatting this skin condition, the product promises effective removal of the unattractive skin blemishes caused by the condition. The manufacturer offers a 100% money back guarantee to prove that Xanthel is indeed capable of treating this problem. The cream (or in some cases gel) is formulated specifically for every patient to ensure maximum efficiency.

Why Does Xanthelasma Occur?

The scientists have yet to determine the exact cause of xanthelasma. However, research indicates that a person has a higher risk of developing this condition if they:

  • Have a high level of ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol
  • Suffer from primary biliary cirrhosis (a liver disease that can cause an increase in cholesterol levels)
  • Have a genetic predisposition to a high level of cholesterol

Despite all these factors going back to high cholesterol levels, only about 50% of the people suffering from this condition actually have elevated blood cholesterol. Therefore, the ‘mechanism’ by which this condition occurs remains a mystery.

As such, it is impossible to prevent xanthelasma. Although, it is believed that maintaining a normal level of blood lipids reduces the risk.

How to Treat Xanthelasma

It is, in essence, not dangerous and carries no threat to one’s overall health. However, it does affect the person’s appearance.

In some cases, the formations caused by xanthelasma are so severe, they can disfigure one’s appearance. One must also bear in mind that these patches may grow over time, if left untreated.

These blemishes can be removed using a variety of tools usually applied for cosmetic procedures, such as laser treatment, surgery, or cryosurgery. Unfortunately, all these procedures have their own risks.

The new website dedicated to xanthelasma offers a different and safer solution. Xanthel is a cream that carries not risks and won’t leave any scars or pigmentation on the skin. To learn more about this treatment visit the relevant page of xanthelasmatreatment.com.

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