North America Owns the Manufacture of Digital Power Electronics with APAC Standing on Position 2

The Digital Power Electronics Market is thriving with countless applications in electronics. Simple electronics as well as critical power electronics are used in infinite systems and devices. Thus high revenue generation is expected to be witnessed. High usage of electronic devices during 2015-2020 will continue to boost sales.

Electronics world today holds power electronics more as a necessity and not an option. There are numerous types of power electronic devices and systems. They are designed according to various appliances and desired function of the device. This report on Digital Power Electronics Market basically deals with the demand and supply, production and scope of innovation in manufacturing critical power electronics during the forecast period 2015-2020.

In other words; in Power Electronics, the efficient control and transmission of electric power into different end-user components digitally is possible through Digital Power electronics.

Market Scope and Drivers Outlook:

Digital Power Electronics and its main application of the digital processing are the current focus of the Global Electronics industry. The growth in the Digital Electronics market is mainly driven by the increase in the applications in various sectors including smart grid and smart cards, Power sector along with lighting, telecommunications. The use of Digital power supplies (SMPS) for numerous applications is to decrease the size and weight of the passive components and to qualify fast regulation power supply which is functioned at high frequencies.

The size of the devices now manufactured is getting smaller and the potential they can achieve is getting more and more complex. The range of applications varies from power management to convertors with efficiency in the power conversion and less power wastage. The Digital processing is comprised of on and off stages through active control of input and output regulations.

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Geographical Potentials of the Market:

The numerous kinds and numbers of power electronic devices are manufactured in North America makes this region the leading manufacturer in the world. But on the other hand, APAC is projected to be the fastest growing and few years down the lane could also give quality competition to North America and other healthy regions. In terms of consumption, APAC is noted as the largest region owing to the usage of this market in various end use industries. China and India are expected to high demand for these devices owing to the rise of industrialization in the region.

Report Scope:

This report from IndustryARC gives an in-depth analysis and segmentation of the Global Digital Power Electronics market. The market is analyzed from the core applications and IC manufacturers to give a comprehensive understanding of the global market. Pricing analysis and value chain analysis will give key insights into the value addition as well as the market pricing scenario. Forecasts are provided for all the market segmentation for the period 2016 -2021.

Competitive landscape for each of the product types is highlighted and market players are profiled with attributes of company overview, financial overview, business strategies, product portfolio and recent developments. Market shares of the key players for the previous years are provided.

1. Market Classification:

    a. By substrate wafers: gallium nitrate, silicon carbide, silicon and sapphire

    b. By components:

  • power management integrated circuits(PMICs) – digital AC-DC regulators and controllers, digital DC-AC convertors, controllers and regulators, LED drivers, digital battery chargers (microprocessors), voltage and current regulators
  • Digital power modules – digital intelligent power module (inverted IC) and digital power integrated modules (convertor invertor)
  • Digital power discrete devices – diodes and rectifiers, bipolar transistors (BJT), IGBTs and FETs, thyristors
  • Signal management – amplifiers and comparators, analog switches, digital potentiometers, interfaces (smart card and SIM card interfaces and modems and transceivers), light, image and touch sensors and others
    c. By application: information and communications technology sector, electronic switching systems, wireless devices, consumer electronics, power sector, aerospace, automotive industry and others
    d. By geography: North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and ROW

2. Vendors Lookout:

While ABB, Intel Corporation, Rockwell Automation, Texas Incorporation and Qualcomm Incorporated are accounted as the top 5 players of the global digital power electronics market, there are more than 40 other industry players of this market studied in depth in this market research report.

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