Developments To ‘A Cut Above Academy’ 2017

A Cut Above Academy was founded by Datin Winnie Loo in March 2004 at Sunway Pyramid. In 2006, A Cut Above Academy extended the premise by occupying another lot in Sunway Metro, where foundation training was being done.

In 2012, due to the shortage of space for education, A Cut Above Academy moved over to a new premise, occupying 3 floors, with a total space of 10,000 square feet in Dataran Mentari. During our time in Sunway Pyramid, A Cut Above was working very closely with City&Guilds of London.  This is the platform where A Cut Above Academy’s foundation was built on. In 2007, 2008 and 2010, A Cut Above has been awarded The Best Hairdressing Hair Academy by City&Guilds, London.

Changing our location from Sunway Pyramid to Dataran Mentari caught the attention from the government. They saw A Cut Above Academy as an Academy that is serious in its education in the Hairdressing Industry. In 2011 and 2013, A Cut Above Academy was given a 4 star rating by the Department of Skills Development (Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran). In 2015, A Cut Above Academy received finally received the highest rating by The Department of Skills Development, 5 Stars!

Having received such recognition means that A Cut Above Academy have to continue to strive to achieve higher level of recognition, but this time, not locally, but internationally as well. A Cut Above Academy has been awarded the opportunity to take in foreign students. Every year, we have about 2 to 3 students registering with our Academy. In 2017, A Cut Above will be making its move to attract students from foreign land. It is time for this star to shine outward…

The first step A Cut Above Academy is taking will be to re-register with the Department of Skills Development to change its name to A Cut Above International Academy. The management of A Cut Above Group of Salons will now embark into more overseas exercise to attract foreign students to improve the quality and the standard that we are presently having.

The second step that A Cut Above International Academy is doing will be to minimize the period of studying in A Cut Above Academy from 12 months (8 month foundation + 3months Internship + 1 month Advance) to just 6 months in Malaysia with a Certification of S.K.M. Level 2. Students are then encouraged to further their studies in Australia for another 18 months, covering level 3 in Hairdressing qualification with TAFFE Certification as well as a Diploma in Salon Management.

Students will be given a chance to work in Australia while studying. This would give them a chance to have life practical sessions sooner than when they were doing their internship in Malaysia after 8 months. This opportunity to work in Australia also gives the student a chance to earn an income to help subsidize their accommodation as well as school fees in Australia.

Upon graduating in Australia, students who fared well in their studies can be granted work permit to continue working in their respective salons or they can decide to come back to Malaysia. A Cut Above Group of Salons guarantees employment to all our graduates.

With the above in place, we further affirm our statement…


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